Link REIT and Allinfra bond on blockchain tech

Link REIT and Allinfra announced an agreement to collaborate on the use of blockchain technology for the tokenization of assets. This news emerged on 22 September.

Allinfra commenced by informing that the coming together would kick-off with a pilot solar project. The fintech firm further added that both parties would look forward to applying blockchain technology to improve the development of sustainable infrastructure.

 Dave Sandor, Co-founder, and CEO of Allinfra expressed – 

“With their commitment to innovation and pushing boundaries, Link REIT, through this collaboration, have again demonstrated their willingness to boldly be at the forefront and first to market by implementing new solutions and technologies.  We believe this represents a significant moment in time for Allinfra and the wider adoption of the tokenization of assets and the application of blockchain technology.”

Allinfra sustained by adding that it is a developer of blockchain-based solutions for the tokenization of unlisted infrastructure and environmental assets. The fintech firm noted that it is the exclusive technology partner for Link REIT’s pilot solar project. Allinfra maintained that it provides all technology and resources related to the tokenization of solar arrays on selected rooftops in the Link REIT profiles.


Calvin Lee Kwan, General Manager, Corporate Development and Strategy at Link REIT said that Link REIT had an extensive and ambitious ESG program. He noted that they were exploring the potential of blockchain technology to develop innovative and robust ESG solutions in areas such as carbon reduction or data management. Calvin summarized by adding that with their refined asset-specific knowledge, years of experience across capital markets and their partnership with ConsenSys, Allinfra was the best option.

Harbor announced that iCap Equity is leveraging Harbor’s blockchain-enabled alternative assets platform in four real estate funds. Harbor Platform is a blockchain-enabled technology platform that improves the investment experience for investors, issuers and placement agents. Services include investor communications, fundraising management, and controlled secondary transfers through marketplaces. Harbor is backed by Founders Fund, Andreessen Horowitz, Craft Ventures, Vy Capital, Fifth Wall, Valor Equity Partners, and Pantera Capital.

Allinfra wrapped up by informing key industry engagements of Link REIT. With a diversified portfolio that consists of retail facilities, car parks, and offices across many destinations Link REIT aims to deliver sustainable growth while also creating long term value for their customers.