Kudelski Security to feature deliberately insecure blockchain

Kudelski Security, the cybersecurity division within the Kudelski Group announced on 25 July to showcase FumbleChain, the deliberately insecure blockchain, at Black Hat USA.

Kudelski Security conveyed its credentials as a premier advisor and cybersecurity innovator for security-conscious organizations. The cybersecurity firm defined the foundation through their work to recommend solutions that reduce business risk, maintain compliance and increase overall security effectiveness. Kudelski Security stated that their clients that include Fortune 500 enterprises and government organizations spread across geographies.

Kudelski Security reported that researchers had developed FumbleChain to raise awareness about blockchain security. The researchers further had an intent to inform how to protect the various components making up the blockchain ecosystem. The cybersecurity firm noted that the project was part of Kudelski Security’s Blockchain Security Center. Kudelski Security expressed on expanding an ecosystem of partners focused on secure blockchain development.

Nathan Hamiel, Head of Cybersecurity Research, Kudelski Security, and a Black Hat Review Board Member said – 

“When it comes to deploying blockchain solutions, security often takes a back seat to development of core functionality. There is a common misconception that blockchains are inherently secure, but the reality is that the technology is incredibly nuanced and complex, and a great deal of attention must be paid to its underlying security and cryptography. We’re launching FumbleChain as part of broader efforts to raise awareness of the importance of blockchain security. Black Hat is the ideal platform for sharing information on vulnerabilities of innovative technology like blockchain before it’s widely deployed.”

Kudelski Security technically informed that many large enterprises recognize the potential of blockchain technology, but are impeded by security concerns. The cybersecurity firm indicated that FumbleChain allows users to test their skills by attacking the chain. Users can also intentionally compromise the FumbleStore running on top of it. Kudelski Security informed that the product was coded in Python, making it easy to read and modify its source code.

Kudelski Security reported that researchers had developed FumbleChain to raise awareness about blockchain security.

Kudelski Security in a recent press report announced a CEO transition. As a point of intense impact, Chief Technology Officer Andrew Howard would take over as CEO. The new executive would continue the company’s successful expansion and delivery of new, innovative cybersecurity solutions.

Kudelski Security concluded by informing that Nils Amiet, a security engineer with Kudelski Security, would give a presentation that includes a demonstration of FumbleChain at the Black Hat. Kudelski Security further added that its executives were also available to meet and discuss FumbleChain throughout the summits.