KleanLoop DApp to revolutionize recycling

Klean Industries announced on 15 September the development of the KleanLoop, a blockchain-based platform, which enables transparency across the waste to energy industries.

Klean further conveyed that other industry where these features would be available are resource recovery and recycling industries. The firm sustained by adding that it has completed its initial pilot testing phase with also the beta testing completed. Klean noted that when released live, the platform would enable recycling companies to transmit vital information on waste and recyclables in a reliable and transparent manner.

Jesse Klinkhamer, CEO of Klean Industries Inc. expressed – 

“With an increasingly regulated industry, data is the only way we can solve the global waste crisis. The industry needs true and accurate data that we can rely on. It’s critically important that industry becomes more compliant and sustainable, and the KleanLoop is the system we need that provides transparency throughout the entire supply chain. We are confident that this innovation is the solution that can and will achieve that.”

Klean maintained that the KleanLoop is a mobile decentralized application which is powered by the firm’s artificial intelligence system. Klean clarified that the system enables all users of the platform to gain access, participate and monetize value. Such offers would be facilitated through KleanCoin, the KleanLoop’s token. Klean emphasized that the waste exchange platform would allow stakeholders to achieve a shift towards a trusted world economy.

KleanLoop DApp to revolutionize recycling

Klean threw light on some technicalities informing that the KleanLoop is an ecosystem which participates in the creation, transporting, recycling, repurposing, conversion and reuse of waste. Klean asserted that the KleanLoop is an enterprise-grade platform using Hyperledger Fabric that connects all third party systems. Such facility guarantees seamless operation for automation across the entire waste and recycling industry. 

In another report wherein blockchain was effectively used, Volkswagen Group shared a press release stating its intention to join a blockchain-powered scheme to ensure efficient sourcing of cobalt used in lithium-ion batteries. Volkswagen conveyed that it has entered an open industry collaboration for efficient procuring of strategic minerals. Volkswagen noted that this tie-up would enable understanding into the origin of cobalt.

Klean finally shared some key industry credentials stating that it comprises of an international team of award-winning experts. Such personnel has decades of experience in the design, manufacturing, and deployment of alternative energy solutions. Such solutions include clean power production, waste management, recycling, and resource recovery. Klean noted that it specializes in building projects that use thermal processing technologies.