Klaytn blockchain partners with SLIVER.tv and Theta Labs

Theta Labs shared the announcement that Klaytn, the blockchain project launched by Kakao wing GroundX would partner with SLIVER.tv and Theta Labs to launch SLIVER.tv Korea. This news was reported on 29 May.

Theta Labs conveyed that SLIVER.tv Korea would be a new esports mobile app powered by the Theta video delivery network. The pioneers of Theta token and network added SLIVER.tv Korea would join Klaytn blockchain platform as an initial launch partner. Theta Labs further emphasized SLIVER.tv Korea would leverage Theta decentralized video delivery network, with users earning Theta Fuel (TFUEL) and other engagement tokens.

Mitch Liu, CEO of SLIVER.tv and Theta Labs, Inc expressed –

“SLIVER.tv is positioned to take advantage of the cutting edge innovation happening in Korea, from pioneering mobile gaming, to its embrace of blockchain technology and early market leadership and adoption of 5G wireless. The convergence of these trends presents a unique opportunity to build the first ever mobile-to-mobile esports platform powered by blockchain rewards from Theta and Klaytn native chains.”

Theta Labs sustained by adding that SLIVER.tv Korea would be a novel end-to-end mobile esports experience, powered by the Theta blockchain. There would also be a provision where users would be able to share their excess bandwidth to relay SLIVER.tv Korea video streams. In the process, consumers stand a chance to earn TFUEL. Users would also be able to earn Klaytn blockchain tokens for daily login bonus, participating in the chat and other activities.

theta labs expressed that sliver.tv korea would be a novel end-to-end mobile esports experience, powered by the theta blockchain.

Chase Choi, Head of Business Development at GroundX echoed enthusiasm at this development. Chase indicated that SLIVER.tv had built an impressive global game streaming platform with over 3 million users. He was of the belief that they can help become successful in the Korean market while driving significant adoption and usage of Klaytn blockchain. Theta Labs backed by adding that the launch expands its footprint in the Korean market.

Recently, the Theta web wallet added support for Ledger and Trezor devices. Insightful information was shared about accessing existing tokens on a Ledger/Trezor device. There were also steps for creating a new Theta wallet on Ledger/Trezor. While wrapping up with troubleshooting, Theta Labs extended more support for any issues that might arise.

Theta Labs conveyed more on its key industry engagements and that of SLIVER.tv. Theta Labs is a video delivery network powered by decentralized technologies. SLIVER.tv is an advanced esports entertainment platform which features round the clock live streaming content.