KICKICO launches a novel suite of blockchain products

KICKICO is wrapping up the launch of its own ecosystem. Christened KICK ECOSYSTEM, it would effectively serve the crypto community. This news surfaced on 23 July.

KICKICO introduced itself as one of the largest crypto crowdfunding platforms. KICKICO headlined that the crypto community would be benefited from two fundamental functionalities namely fundraising and an exchange ecosystem. The platform expressed its aim to make cryptocurrency fundraising fair. Similarly, trading must be clear, transparent and comprehensive. Public and securities regulators in various countries should avail productivity gain.

CEO of KICKICO, Anti Danilevski expressed – 

“The goal is to revitalize the way tokens and coins are offered, purchased, and sold for startups and token buyers. It will address and solve many of today’s fundraising challenges. We are looking for solid startup project ideas, and want to provide them with a secure, comfortable space, not just for them, but for the crypto investors out there, too.”

KICKICO further added that the ecosystem would introduce an innovative auction-based fundraising model. KICKICO provided insight that this development would be the next step up from Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). The crowdfunding platform sustained by adding there would also be a Security Token Offering (STO) along with the new KICKEX exchange later in the year, with more services to come.

kickico reflected by expressing how it become a sucess when its ceo

KICKICO reflected on its history by expressing how it became a success when its CEO implemented a new way of fundraising to successfully assist over 35 startups. The firm conveyed a staggering number having to be able to raise a total of 800.000 Ether (ETH). This was credited to the support of more than 70,000 investors. KICKICO noted that by expecting changes in ICO, Anti and his team started to build KICK ECOSYSTEM.

In June, KICKICO conveyed another interesting development heralding FLOGmall, an international e-commerce website for cryptocurrency holders. The founders indicated that FLOGmall is based on exchange, customers do not buy goods there but exchange altcoins for products. It was emphasized that FLOGmall was a new format for online stores and producers that connects parties.

KICKICO expressed that its upcoming cryptocurrency exchange solution, KICKEX, would feature some of the lowest trading fees and one of the most profitable programs. KICKEX would be followed by a white label token sale solution (KICKDESK), a unified login system (KICKID), a multi-currency wallet (KICKWALLET), a crypto payment gateway (KICKPAY), ad network integration (KICKCPA), a multi-level referral network (KICKREF), a comprehensible app (KICKMOBILE), and a fully reworked KICKICO platform.