Italian Football Club AS Roma heralds Chiliz as official crypto partner

Rome-based football club AS Roma announced on July 19 that it will join Socios, a blockchain-based voting, and rewards platform together in collaboration with sports and entertainment blockchain firm, Chiliz. 

Chiliz commenced the post by stating that AS Roma will be partnering with Chiliz’s sports platform Socios to introduce the club’s fan tokens. The tokens, dubbed as the AS Roman Fan Tokens aims to bridge the gap between club and fans by providing the latter with the right to vote in certain club-delegated decisions.

The post also asserts that more the fans interact and vote through Socios’ dedicated mobile application, the more rewards they get to earn. Additionally, the voting options will facilitate fans with decisions like naming of a club facility, decision over warm-up related activities at the club’s Stadio Olimpico and which player will hold live Twitter Q&A.   

The club’s token will be tradeable against Socios’ native token, $CHZ, which is currently listed on Binance DEX, BitMax, and KuCoin. Initially, fans are to purchase $CHZ either through the application or from an exchange, “to subsequently buy Fan Tokens through a process known as a Fan Token Offering™ or FTO,” the post added.

Fans of AS Roma will be offered voting options that include the naming of a club facility, and decision over warm-up activities at Stadio Olimpico.

Talking about the partnership, Alexandra Dreyfus, CEO and Founder of Socios, said – 

“With the addition of another legendary Serie A club, we are fast building a strong ecosystem of top tier clubs, as well as a huge community of football fans, and a unique platform for fans to engage with their club in a new and innovative way. This partnership gives us the opportunity to educate a huge audience of mainstream consumers to the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, across Europe as well as Asia and Latin America.”

In May 2019, Chiliz announced a strategic partnership with Binance Chain, a blockchain software system developed by Binance. Chiliz opined that with this embrace it would bring football clubs such as Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain into the purview of digital coins. Chiliz further threw light on its key industry engagements. Dreyfus added that the integration with Binance Chain protocol opens opportunities to access large liquidity pools.

Last week, American football team, Miami Dolphins announced Litecoin (LTC) as the team’s official cryptocurrency. The collaboration would allow Litecoin to tap into one of NFL’s largest fan bases via in-game branding and advertising at home games played at the Hard Rock stadium.