IPC and Omniex bond towards a crypto offer

IPC, a networking solutions provider, announced on 21 March, its partnership with Omniex, a trading platform for digital assets.

IPC is a technology and service provider empowering the global financial markets. IPC works towards enabling clients to solve a variety of problems while also providing cutting-edge technology. Omniex is an investment and trading platform for institutional investors to access the crypto-asset markets.

IPC conveyed that institutional investors could now access a host of crypto-asset exchanges and over-the-counter (OTC) providers through the IPC Connexus Cloud. IPC Connexus Cloud is a platform that helps connects customers to global market participants.

IPC further expressed the significance of this embrace between the two capable firms. By leveraging joint end-to-end solution security protocols, combined with the vastness of IPC’s institutional community, the coming together represents a major milestone.

Bob Santella, Chief Executive Officer of IPC Systems cited –

“IPC is about access, community, and intelligence — exactly what institutional investors want and need from digital assets. The interest, technology, and customers are robust, but until now, securely connecting all three has been a challenge for the market. Through our Connexus extranet ecosystem, the Omniex platform can provide the groundbreaking, secure, intelligent channel for cryptocurrency trading that the financial community has been clamoring for, including the vast number of major financial institutions IPC touches around the world.”

IPC touched upon the trend that has been prevailing for the last two years. There has been an immense expectation for institutional investments directed to crypto assets. The foundation required for “institutional-grade” solutions has been improving. IPC stressed that security was the major concern for any institutional investor accessing new or existing digital assets.

Leaders in the crypto community welcome healthy partnerships

IPC noted that it already has a strong community consisting of the world’s top financial institutions. These institutions rely on IPC’s network for orders, intelligence, and other mission-critical resources. Besides, this network is protected by secure measures, keeping essential financial transactions secure and private for crypto assets or others.

Earlier this month, IPC had announced that it had completed a strategic investment in GreenKey Technologies (GK), creator of natural language processing workflows for the financial markets. This was a significant step in advancing the financial services market through artificial intelligence and data optimization innovation.

Omniex co-founder and CEO Hu Liang expressed that their partnering with IPC Systems is a mutually beneficial deal for institutional investors. Hu continued that Omniex was custom-built to provide detailed order management and execution capabilities for accessing crypto-assets. With IPC’s ecosystem, institutions could now make an easy entry into crypto assets.

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