IOTA heralds IOTA Academy to promote DLTs

Holger Köther, Director of Partnerships at the IOTA Foundation conveyed information on 25 April about the launch of IOTA Academy, a technical training platform to promote distributed ledger technologies (DLTs).

Holger started by informing that IOTA Foundation’s first global academy was achieved in cooperation with the IOT1 Academy, a technical institution based in Berlin and Shanghai. Users can access the portal and avail a selection of online training as well as custom tutorials for developers.

Holger further cited on the development as –

“We are excited to offer a structured online and onsite training framework with curated content and individual participant support, carried out by one of the most experienced partners in the corporate training field. We believe an investment into IOTA Education, as well as acquiring deep knowledge in short time, will be of great benefit for corporates, engineers and developers to actively shape the upcoming IoT, Machine-to-Machine ecosystems.”

Holger added that the first set of takeaways would be complemented by training for non-coders also. Such people could include blockchain enthusiasts, futurists, students, and corporate project managers. They would stand benefited with knowledge about IOTA and its technologies. 

Holger further added that all the courses could be purchased online through the portal while also offering assorted digital content. The content is presented through a Multi-Device Learning App for desktop and mobile. This approach offers hands-on experience through use-cases. Holger noted that the first training material would enable coders to develop applications on IOTA’s Tangle, a highly scalable, zero-fee DLT.

learning avenues for blockchain enthusiasts are beneficial. such portals foster better acceptance and appreciation of  peer-to-peer technologies

Arne Flick, CEO of IOT1 Academy expressed honor to have been chosen by the IOTA Foundation to maintain and operate the first courses. Arne noted that IOTA and its key position as a major driver of Internet Of Things (IoT) would help foster distributed ledger for this innovation. Arne finally cited that this was the reason IOT1 Academy was one of the first academies to help people better understand about IOTA.

Last month, there were reports about IOTA Foundation’s support for LEDGER to foster human-centric DLTs. LEDGER, a European Commission (EC) funded project is actively looking forward to onboard people working on decentralized technologies. The selected teams would be benefited from LEDGER’s 12-month programme and gain a ballpark amount of 200,000 euros as equity-free funding.

Holger finally touched upon some key industry engagements of IOTA. Incorporated in Germany, the foundation’s mission is to support the development and standardization of new technologies, including the IOTA Tangle. This DLT is specifically designed for the IoT environment.