IOTA and Primority to enhance consumer safety using Distributed Ledger Technology

Blockchain-based non-profit organization IOTA Foundation has announced a partnership with UK-based digital food safety management firm Primority to monitor food allergens in the food supply chain. IOTA shared the press release on June 20.

As per the press release, the partnership between IOTA and Primority aims to alleviate risks associated with potential food allergens, a threat which has affected 220 million people worldwide.

Talking about the partnership and the efficacy of combating food threats with the blockchain technology, CTO of Primority, James Flynn said –

“We wanted to show that solutions for this problem exist, are low cost and can be highly effective. We looked at traditional blockchain technology, but felt that IOTA’s next-generation digital ledger was a perfect solution that we could build a truly global and scalable solution on.”

According to the blog post, the collaboration includes the development of a prototype of an application that would enable consumers to seamlessly verify food products, also cases when food products share similar production lines with a contaminated batch of food.

The application to be developed will be based on IOTA’s immutable distributed ledger protocol Tangle and integrated with Primority’s 3iverify platform. The blog post also asserted that the data collated from the manufacturer is automatically shared on the IOTA Tangle.

IOTA and Primority aim to alleviate risks associated with potential food allergens. The collaboration includes the development of an application that would enable consumers to verify food products seamlessly.

Per the announcement, consumers are allowed to access the gathered data about food products by scanning a barcode using the AllerSafe App. The application would collect information like tracking of used raw materials and their suppliers, as well as perform a thorough evaluation of the food production process.  

Adding more about the implementation of DLT for tracking food allergens, Michael Nati, Lead tech analyst at IOTA shared in a blog post –

“Thanks to a decentralized system similar to the one developed, consumers do not need to share any sensitive information related to their food allergies.” The information collected can be stored within the application and user’s phone, and utilized only to streamline the process of validating risks after the details of food production is achieved, Nati added.

IOTA further envisaged in the announcement that consumers would be able to access the data without sharing their personal details, also without owning a single cryptocurrency.

Last month, IOTA teamed up with luxury fashion brand Avery Denison to execute blockchain technology for the supply chain. The collaboration trailed by luxury label ALYX, allows customers with full insight into the supply chain.

In April 2019, IOTA foundation confirmed the launch of IOTA academy – a technical training platform to promote distributed ledger technology. Students of the academy can access the portal and avail online training; also, developers are offered custom tutorials.