IOST to launch blockchain-based game on mainnet

The IOS foundation announced its partnership on 31 May with Crypto War team to launch Crypto War — Middle Age (CW) game on IOST mainnet in June.

IOS Foundation introduced Crypto War — Middle Age as a simulation game on the blockchain. The players develop their land and assets, form alliances while fighting with each other to win the territories. The blockchain major also conveyed that there were over a dozen systems built in the game, such as construction, scientific research, training, hero training, and alliance. The players can chat and make friends with each other.

IOS Foundation quoted on the salient logistics as –

“As a DApp without its own Token, CW holds an open attitude towards all public chains and welcome their participation. After integration into CW, users on the public chain can purchase things using their tokens and CW does not accept fiat currency. All tokens spent by players enter the dividend pool for players to win. CW guarantees that nearly all tokens spent by players will circulate in the game and players are able to withdraw token acquired in the game.”

IOS Foundation captured the magnitude of the IOST blockchain noting its stand as one of the Big 4 public chains alongside Ethereum, EOS, and Tron. While adding about new developments such as OnBlock and multiple user growth programs in progress, IOST is steadily building a developer base. By working hand-in-hand with developers and the community to build the world’s first decentralized blockchain project, IOST hopes to transform the global market.

the strategic partnership between iost and crypto war would drive seamless user experience for all players.

In April, IOS Foundation announced its strategic partnership with Force Protocol. The embrace was aimed at leveraging Force Protocol technology to add value to IOST infrastructure. IOST expressed that Force Protocol is an open blockchain financial service platform, which provides services for developers of different public chains. Such developers can leverage the services to build decentralized financial applications.

Recently, IOS Foundation reported that its Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform is live on Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace. The new offer would provide a rapid tech solution and toolkit for teams. Launching the product on AWS Marketplace would encourage other projects to become familiar with blockchain technology.

IOS Foundation made an urge to encourage developers to build on IOST. The foundation noted that technical problems for development are significantly lowered when building on IOST. There was also promise of one-on-one direct technical support for ecosystem coders. Finally, the strategic partnership between IOST and Crypto War would drive seamless user experience for all players.