Best iOS Emulators For Pc in 2020 (Most Recommended)

Do you have an iPhone or an iPad? Do you use the apps in them often? Do you love the user experience iOS gives you? Do you want to use the iOS in your PC as well? If so, you should consider installing an iOS emulator on your PC.

Before that, do iOS emulators really work? Which is the best iOS emulator for Windows OS? Are there any limitations to iOS emulators? Kindly read on to find out. 


What is an iOS emulator? How to use it on pc?

An emulator is a software interface that runs the apps meant for one OS in another OS. This basically means that you can convert one smart device into any other smart device (virtually). 

ios emulator

There are quite a few iOS emulators for Windows, but the most popular among them all is ‘iPadian’. Now let us know how to Install and use iPadian on your Windows PC. 

  • Search ipadian in Google or go to xpadian website
  • Once you go to that website, you can either download the iPadian iOS emulator for free or you can buy its premium version for US $10. 

The premium version of the iPadian iOS emulator has far more convenient features that you can use than its free version (obviously). In this demonstration, we’re going to see how to download the free version.

  • Click on the ‘Download for free’ option.
  • In the ‘Download File info’ dialogue box, you can choose where you want to install the emulator’s setup program. 
  • Then click on the ‘Start Download’ button. 
  • The size of the emulator is only 36 MB. So, it’ll download pretty fast and won’t occupy too much of your hard disk space.
  • Then click on the ‘Open’ button to run the emulator’s setup program. 
  • Click on the Next button.

ios emulator

  • You’ll get to choose where you want to install the emulator. Choose your desired location on your PC and then click the next button.
  • You can also type what the emulator’s name will be on the startup menu. 
  • Then click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • The setup program will show you all the installation details. 
  • Then click on the ‘Install’ button to install the emulator.
  • Finally, click on the ‘Finish’ button to launch the emulator.
  • In the iOS Emulator, you’ll find some of the most basic apps and games that you’ll find initially on an iPhone. The free version does not have ‘Store’ where you can download and install iOS apps or games. 


Why is it being used? Why do people need an iOS emulator?

ios emulator for windows

IOS is very robust, fast, and simple to use. It supports a wide array of robust apps that even Windows or Android OSs don’t support. Hence, if people don’t have an iPhone or an iPad, they install iOS emulators to run iOS apps on their Android or Windows OSs. 

Given below are some apps that are totally unique to iOS. They are very robust and simple to use. They can be run on iOS emulators. They are:


1. Timepage

Timepage is a digital calendar that helps you organize or plan your whole day. It gives reminders whenever it’s time for you to do something important like attending a business meeting, going on a date, taking your family out for dinner, etcetera. The calendar is beautifully designed and will even get a hooligan organized. 

2. Overcast

This is a podcast playing app with the option to skip 30 seconds or rewind 30 seconds, Voice Boost, and Smart Speed features. It also has the ‘Smart Playlist’ feature which keeps a record of the podcast series you’ve been listening to. So next time, you don’t have to search your podcasts series, it’ll be saved for you. 

3. Tweetbot

This app provides you with a filter that you can use to see only the tweets that you want to and hide the ones that you don’t want to see. This app enables you to view your Twitter timeline the way you want to. You can filter out unwanted tweets using keywords or regular sentences.

4. Apollo

Apollo is an application that enables you to add colored lights to your portrait images. It first makes a 3D image from your 2D portrait photo and then adds your desired colored light to it. The result is an amazing and attractive photo. All this is done in real-time if the app is running.

5. Enlight

This app enables you to edit your photos like you would edit them in Photoshop and add cool or funny effects to them. It is like Photoshop minus the steep learning curve. This app won the ‘2015 App of the Year’ award in the UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, France, Russia, China and India! 

There are many more apps that are unique to iOS, robust and simple to use. People simply love these apps and want to use them at all costs. Hence, they download iOS emulators for Windows or Android or Mac OSs and use these cool iOS apps. 


5 best emulators for pc you must be aware of in 2020

ios emulator for pc


These are the best iOS emulators for Windows OS as of 2019. They are very feature-rich and simple to install. They also do not occupy much Hard Disk Space. 

1. Mobione studio

This iOS emulator is mainly useful for developers who want to develop mobile apps for multiple mobile OSs. They can test the working of their mobile app using this emulator. This emulator is very good at running Beta iOS apps. It also shows you notifications similar to an iPhone or an iPad. 



ios emulator for pc

This is one of the most popular iOS emulators for Windows OS in the market. It supports all the basic iOS apps and is very simple to use. The major drawback of this emulator is that it is slow to upload the apps when the emulator is launched. Sometimes, it can even take up to 10 minutes to upload your apps when it is launched!

3. iPhone Simulator

Do you want to play iPhone games and run iPhone apps on your PC? Then you must give iPhone Simulator a shot. You are going to get the best graphics for running the games, I tell you.

You might miss some useful features in this iOS emulator as it is specifically designed for the gamers. The features that you will avail at iPhone simulator are graphics with great quality, UI as same as iPhone and power application for running games.

4. Air iPhone

Adobe air framework runs Air iPhone. Anybody who has used Adobe Air Framework knows how impressive the Adobe Air is! The Air iPhone generates a virtual screen on the PC to resemble the iPhone screen.

There is no complication in downloading an Air iPhone. You just have to install it with Adobe Air. you will get all basic features of iPhone on your PC by using Air iPhone.


If you are looking for an iOS emulator for app development and testing, then is the best one for you. It provides you with a  freemium-based service that you can use for a limited time without spending a single penny. You won’t get an IDE to develop an app in, so you need to build up a simulator to upload your application.

ios emulator

This emulator is worldwide popular among the app testers. The features that you will get here are: It allows you to develop cross-platform applications over the cloud. This emulator is absolutely lightweight and perfect for checking if the app is working or not. 

6. Xamarin TestFlight

It is an official iOS emulator for testing applications on is the official iOS emulator that Apple owns. Xamarin is most suitable for testing the applications that support iOS 8.0 and above. But, this emulator is not beginner-friendly.

ios emulator for windows

If you are not professional, then you might face problem in opening the emulator and work with it. Basically, the app developers and testers prefer this Xamarin TestFlight for their professional purposes. The user has to


7. SmartFace

This emulator is especially useful for developers who want to test cross-platform iOS apps. You can download its free version or you can buy its premium version for US $99.

It is quite popular among developers in the market.

ios emulator

8. iPadian

The visuals and user experience of this iOS emulator are great. It gives you the feel of working on an actual iPad. This emulator supports some amazing iOS apps like SiriTvOS, iMessages, Watch OS, Angry birds 2, etcetera. 

Unfortunately and quite expectedly, it does not support all of iOS’s apps. You can either download iPadian for free or you can buy its premium version for US $10. It’s quite cheap, isn’t it? iPadian’s simple user interface is what makes it so popular in the market. 

9. Ripple

This emulator enables the development of iOs apps that can be stored on any cloud platform. This emulator is free to use for the first 100 minutes and then you’ll be charged 5 cents per minute of usage. It is a great platform for developers who want to test cross-platform iOS apps.

It provides you with a huge range of app testing assistance. This chrome extension is noticeably demanded because of its small size, simple interface and no download complication.


Here’s how you can test iOS apps on Appetize.IO:

  • Go to the website
  • Upload the iOS file that you want to test there. 
  • Then give your actual email address to receive the application-testing link. 
  • Once you receive the application-testing link on your email address, just click it to test your iOS app using Appetize.IO emulator. 

There are many other robust iOS emulators for the Windows platform. Unfortunately, we can’t cover them all in this topic.


What are the Pros and cons of an iOS emulator?

Like all things on Earth, iOS emulators have some of the major pros and cons:-

ios emulator



  • iOS emulators enable you to run iOS apps and games on other OSs like Android, Windows, and Mac OS. 
  • It enables developers to test iOS apps on other OSS like Windows, Android, and Mac. 
  • Most of the emulators are free of cost, which means you can just download them on your PC and use them instantaneously. 
  • iOS emulators enable a person to use iOS apps without having to own iOS devices like an iPhone or an iPad. It’s quite a handy feature, isn’t it?  
  • iOS emulators have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and operate. It’s what makes them very popular in the market.
  • The premium versions of iOS emulators have all the features of the latest iOS and run all of iOS’s apps and games. 


  • iOS emulators need a lot of RAM space to run smoothly.
  • Some emulators take a long time to upload iOS apps when launched (upto ten minutes)!
  • iOS Emulators do not run all of iOS’s apps and games, at least in their free versions.

Since iOS emulators have more pros than cons, they’re definitely worth installing and using, especially when they’re free.


What do people think about the ios emulator? According to internet research and people’s review.

The only way to know if a product or service is genuine or not is to read lots of testimonials about it and judge for yourself. I’m going to list quite a few testimonials of the iOS emulator. Kindly go through them and judge for yourself if they’re worth downloading or not. 

ios emulator for pc

ios emulator

Final Thought

Judging by the numerous negative reviews on iPadian, I would recommend you, folks, to be careful before downloading it. It seems to have a lot of ads and supports only a few iOS apps. 

Also, be careful of iOS emulators that load your iOS apps very slowly when they’re launched. 

They also run your iOS apps very slowly and will only waste your time. Think twice before purchasing the premium version of any iOS as it should be worth your money but if you’re downloading its free version, it won’t have too much of a negative impact on you if it doesn’t work as expected as you can always uninstall it and install a better one.  



What is BrowserStack?

BrowserStack is an iOS emulator for Android OS. It runs most of iOS’s apps and games.

Is the iPadian emulator safe?

Yes, the iPadian emulator in itself is safe but if it’s downloaded via any other platform apart from CNET, it’ll contain malware.

Is there any online Android emulator?

An online Android emulator enables a person to run Android applications on a Windows PC, online. The best online Android emulator is the website, Nox. 

Are emulators legal to use?

Emulators are legal to download and use, however, sharing their copyrighted ROMs online is illegal.


Have you ever downloaded and used an iOS emulator before? If so, do let us know your experience in the comments section below!


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