Interview with Aaron Tsai | Discussion on Security Challenges on Exchanges


Kabilan: Hi everyone. Welcome to Wimplo news. We have a very special guest with us today. We have Mr. Aaron who is the founder and chairman of MAS Capital Universal Exchange, one of the first and leading security token exchange platforms in the world.

Kabilan: So greetings. Hi Mr. Aaron. Thank you very much for being with us. 

So, MAS capital is the first and the most leading security token exchange platform in the world. And we have Mr. Aaron who has gratefully accepted to be here and answer a few very important questions. So how are you doing Mr.Aaron?

Aaron:  I’m doing good. Thank you. 

Kabilan: So if it’s okay for you I can get started with the questions. So the first question that I have is you have been given the title “King Of Shells” by the Wall Street Journal. Can you share the rationale behind setting up 101 shell companies back in the 90s? What are the advantages of that initiative in today’s economic context?

Aaron: Well a lot of company so wants to go public but the process of going through an IPO it’s a very long and difficult journey. So by creating public shell companies allow a new or young company to go public first before they are regulated by the SEC and back in the 90s. You can be now reporting company B public. So it’s the environment. It’s very different from today but today companies still use a public show company going public via reverse mergers. But after my time they develop more advanced shells course back special purpose acquisition Corporation now are listed on Nasdaq and NYSE for the same purpose. 

Kabilan: Fantastic. Thank you. So the next question I have is how is artificial intelligence providing productivity gain to MAS. Do you envision enhanced services as AI becomes better and better? 

Aaron: Definitely. We have not yet implemented AI technology in our system yet. That’s what we plan to do in the future. The first thing we want to use is for our equity security token for a company listed on our exchange. We will use AI to do continuous to build a chip on companies. So before regulator even finds out there’s a problem they are already delisted from our exchange. And also I envision that AI will improve the customer service and also the trading in the system. 

Kabilan: Wonderful. So how long do you think it’s gonna take AI to essentially become a regular part of the systems, Mr.Aaron. 

Aaron: Oh well hopefully the next year or as we have an AI advisor, who was the creator of Sofia, the first humanoid robot that obtained citizenship in Saudi Arabia

Kabilan: Oh well that’s wonderful. That’s very interesting. So I’d like to go to the next question. 

So can you share a brief insight into the nature of security token exchange meaning which property you keep as collateral and strategy used for tokenization?

Aaron: OK. This is a big question because as I say my keynote speeches throughout the world that any assets tangible or intangible can be securitized and tokenized such as 100 room hotel, patent, a revenue stream or more standardized equity or debt. 

Kabilan: Are security token exchanges much complex compared to digital coin exchange (due to smart contracts)? 

Aaron: They are totally different security token exchange. It’s different from the one point or era crypto exchanges. Those exchange trade tokens that virtually has no intrinsic value or value based on their usage security tokens more similar to the existing traditional exchanges such as NYSE Nasdaq and other commodity or forex exchanges. But using the cryptocurrency as the trading mechanism to conduct trade. 

Kabilan: Are there substantial financial overheads that you have to bear for a security token exchange platform?

Aaron: Well security token exchange with a set up will require a post crypto exchange a technical background plus the complicated financial knowhow as the traditional exchanges especially to me a regulatory environment in various jurisdictions. 

Kabilan: Since there were reports of smart contracts getting hacked, How are the security concerns addressed on MAS exchange?

Aaron: Oh well there’s two different hacking. If you’re talking about hacking with the small contract on the blockchain. That’s a technical issue. That’s something that public chain needs to resolve. That our concern is to keep the token safe by keeping the cold wall itself to minimize the chance of being stolen. 

Kabilan: MAS apparently has plans to trade securities, commodities, foreign exchange and digital assets. Considering the financial and infrastructure requirements, how soon can these be achieved?

Aaron: Well we have started to list equity security token because that’s the most standardized and hopefully next year we will have commodities and stable coins trading on our exchange. 

Kabilan: So I think that kind of covers all the questions that we had for you. And so firstly thank you very much for joining us, Mr. Aaron. It was quite insightful and I’m sure all the viewers would have learned a great deal from your answers and your experience. So if there’s anything else that you would like to add in terms of blockchain or cryptocurrency or security token exchange in terms of where it’s leading and how do you envision this in the future. Feel free to let us know and I’m sure our viewers would also be thrilled to hear what you have to say. 

Aaron: OK. It is my belief that the entire financial industries will become crypto or blockchain-based. Then it will disrupt the entire financial industry as we know of today that just like Nokia and Kodak survive for a while when they were disrupted that same thing already happened to the existing financial industry. But certainly, we will see that there replaced by the crypto blockchain version such as MAS index. 

Kabilan: Wonderful. I think very soon all that is left is to wait for some time and I’m sure this is where the future is heading. 

Kabilan: So thank you so much Mr. Aaron and once again we at Wimplo News are thrilled to have you here and I’m sure all of us would have learned a lot from this conversation between us so people stay in touch and we hope to meet you again soon and get on more updates that are constantly been happening in the field of blockchain and look forward to a very very bright future. 

Aaron: Thank you. 

Kabilan: Thank you very much. And have a wonderful day. Thank you once again for joining us. It’s Mr. Aron the CEO and the founder and chairman of MAS Ex.