Cool and Funny Instagram bios for Girls in 2020, I Bet You Won’t Find These Bios Anywhere Else.

Instagram is the most refreshing platform among all the social media right now. The followers measure the popularity and fame of a celebrity he/she has on his/her Instagram. Apart from stars, Instagram is not any less appealing to the mass as well.

I know you are not an exception. You also dream about getting a few more likes and shares on your photos. But do you know that the number of followers on your Instagram depends upon two things, primarily?

One of these is your Instagram profile picture. The other one is your Instagram bio. If you want to get some exotic Instagram bios and ideas, then you are in the right place.

This article is entirely for you.


How a Good bio can help Girls on Instagram? How to Make Your Bio More Interesting?

instagram bios

Do you already know what the first thing that a person looks upon when he/she visits your Instagram profile is? It is your Instagram bio. If they don’t find it engaging, then no matter how beautiful you look in your profile picture, they will decide not to follow you.


How Can an Engaging Instagram bio Help a Girl?

An attractive bio of a girl’s Instagram profile can give her plentiful Instagram followers.

It helps people understand what kind of person she is. Good Instagram bios demonstrate the likings and dislikings of a person. Isn’t it exciting to let people know about your fondness and detestation by using a few keen-witted words in your Instagram bio?

instagram biosWhen a woman promotes her business online, the bio of her Instagram page engages her target audience.


How Can You Write a Mindblowing Bio for Your Instagram Page?

funny bios

Several women run their Instagram for exposing their hobbies and likings with others. On the other hand, many girls utilize their Instagram pages to promote their business. There are few hacks to write cool bios that will help the people of both categories to gain more followers.

cool bios

  • Describe who you are.
  • Mention what you do.
  • Point out your hobbies in two or three words.
  • Give a hint of your personality.
  • Select a specific niche and mention this in your bio.
  • Use proper keywords to engage and get your bio optimized.
  • Keep one way open so that your followers can share with you what they are thinking.
  • Ensure that your Instagram bio describes your personality.
  • If you have a blog or website, provide the links in your bio. Then the customers can directly see your business page.


Why Must You Have a Good Instagram Bio? How Does it Represent You?

The followers will decide whether to follow you or not, only based on your Instagram profile picture and bio. I know it’s not an ultimate intelligent move to judge you by seeing your bio only. Still, that’s how the following trend works. So, if you want to get more likes and share, you surely need a catchy bio.

funny Instagram bios

The Consequence of having a Cool Instagram Bio:

  • When a new person visits your profile, he/she will judge you by your bio only. No help, it is true!
  • You can add the link of your blogs and business website to your bio. When people like your bio, they will click on the links and will meet your business product. It is an incredible way to grow your business.
  • You can mention your preferred niche in your bio. It will help you to get the people who have the same interest, just like you!
  • The good Instagram bios engage more traffic.
  • Cool bios can get you the audience you crave for.


How to Represent Yourself in Your Instagram Bio?

There is no wonder that you desire to let your followers get a glimpse of real you from your Instagram bio. No? It is effortless. Here is the list of the coolest hacks to implement it in your profile.

good instagram bios

  • Do you have any website or blog? Then attach the links to your Instagram bio. You can add your LinkedIn profile’s link as well.
  • Twist a few witty words that will describe your personality.
  • Which emojis do you use most when you chat with your friends and other people? Which emoji do explain to you the best? Ensure the existence of those emojis in your bio.
  • It is your Instagram profile. Let your followers talk to you when you want to represent yourself in your profile. Welcome the perceptions of your profile visitors by leaving the comment box open.
  • It will be best if you open your message box for all.
  • And here comes the most important thing. Concentrate on using proper keywords. It will let people know about the niches you love most!


Five things you must know while writing your Instagram bio:

an Instagram bio is not a simple summation of one hundred and fifty words. It is a synopsis of your entire spirit. So, you have the opportunity to show the visitors how awesome you are by creating a cool Instagram bio.

You can provide the way to contact you,

share the brief of your business, add appropriate emoji that can describe you in your bio. It gives you the chance to add links to your blogs and websites.

instagram bio ideas


Here are five things that you should keep revolving in your mind when you are writing the bio.

  • You have a hobby for sure. Showcase it in your bio. If you always crave travelling, you can mention that as “the nomadic spirit” or “wondering wanderer”.
  • What is your occupation? Let people know it instantly, right when they have a glance at your bio.
  • Who doesn’t want a friend? Don’t you want to make some fabulous friends from your Instagram profile? Let your followers connect you there. Open a way to contact you that will be displayed on your bio.
  • Emojis attract followers like a magnet. When you are a girl, adding emojis to your bio will represent you like a cute and funny person. Pick up a few emojis that can describe your personality.
  • Many girls are makeup artists or run personal businesses. You can promote your business in your Instagram bion as well.

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Does adding emojis in the Instagram bio will make it look good or more interesting? Or just a waste of time?

funny Instagram bios

Before I come to the point, let me ask you one thing first. Do you feel good when you chat with your friends without using emojis? 

good instagram bios

I know you can’t even think of chatting without those digital facial expressions. And, if you can’t also believe your chats without emojis, then how is it possible to represent yourself in your Instagram bio without emojis?

Now we’ll look upon the benefits that you may avail when you are using emojis in your bio.

Firstly, an emoji can express the meaning of plentiful words itself. So, you will get the scope to write more words.

Secondly, emojis attract the audience. You will get more followers because of those engaging emojis.

Thirdly, the emojis will engagingly describe you. It will represent you as a friendly, funny, unique, and cool-girl altogether.


How to write a funny and clever bio?

 instagram bios

Your Instagram bio is all about compiling a glimpse of your personal life, but not over-the-top, something witty but unique and inventive, and something people haven’t seen on the platform. You also need to think about the reason for your Instagram account and make your bio appropriate.

funny Instagram bios

Here is a list to follow to write the coolest and witty Instagram bio that will be really funny!

  • Match your bio to your target audience.
  • Use appropriate emojis.
  • Reconcile fun with attitude.
  • Write some smart words that will let people laugh at you; at the same time, it will impress them.
  • Give them a reason to follow you.
  • Keep it short and crispy.


What kind of bios will attract boys? How to make it compelling?

 I am here to suggest to you some cute captions that will attract boys towards you.

instagram bio ideas

  • Hey, you have found out a weirdo just now! Don’t let her go…
  • You, sir, are really attractive!!
  • I love my boyfriend crazy, stupid, sometimes stupid.
  • Sometimes I wonder how you would hold me….
  • I’m the right person, full of weird ideas.
  • Hi handsome, your side is not empty anymore. I have occupied it for a lifetime.


Top best Instagram bios you must go through?

funny Instagram bios

Here are some cool Instagram bios that can attract people towards a girl in a wink. Have a look!

  • Dream_Girl_129

Gets one year older on Sep 9

Katrina Kaif Fan

Getting a boyfriend is easy, but the princess is now busy!

In a Relationship with Lipstick

Catch me o Tiktok


  • Party on May 25

Queen of my own kingdom

My life my rule

Keep calm, because I am your mom!

Desert dilettante

Looking for new haters, old ones are my fan now!!


  • Cake crash on July 6

Cricket is my life

Blind fan of MSD

Love for India

Life is a stadium.

Hold your breath and hit sixers!


What’s our Suggestion on this?

When you are up to creating your own bio, you need to follow those guidelines. 

Firstly, never ever be an open book in your Instagram bio. It is not the right place. Be mysterious, Secondly, try witty words in your bio, Include proper keywords and emojis.

It will attract the rust of the followers towards your profile.


Last but not Least

You deserve an Instagram bio as supercool as you are. No? That’s why you need some incomparable Instagram bio ideas to pick up the one that will suit you the most.

Cool bios are those that include a glimpse of your personality, hobbies, personal life, profession, and goals. Don’t forget this when you are up to arranging words in your Instagram bios.



1. What should I write in my Instagram bio?

Your Instagram bio should display your name and the tagline of your profession. If you run an organization, mention this. You should let your profile visitors know about your aim in life and the aspiration that you have.

Mention your achievements. If you want to get your bio one of the funny Instagram bios, then add a quirky fact that will show how crazy you are.

2. How do you make your Instagram bio attractive?

The keyword is mandatory when you want to make your bio attractive. So, include keywords, hashtags, and emojis to your Instagram bio. Use appropriate space between your words. 

Make sure that you have used a gap between two lines. Upload a crisp display picture.

3. What are the examples of some cute Instagram bios for girls?

 Here are some examples of cool and funny Instagram bios.

  1. I have left a beam of gleam everywhere I have been!
  2. I find no excitement in giving up. Therefore, I am up to removing the first two letters from the word “impossible.”
  3. Do you want to change your life? Then turn your dreams into your vision and turn your ideas into your reality.
  4. Imperfection is beautiful because perfection doesn’t exist in reality.

4. How do you enter in your Instagram bio?

  1. At first, go to your Instagram profile and hit the option “Edit Profile”‘
  2. Then run on your bio.
  3. Write or edit the bio. if you want to tag someone in your bio, use @ or #.
  4. Go to the option “Done” and click. Then your bio is updated.

5. What is a good quote for Instagram?

  • Do that which makes your soul happy!
  • Her eyes were so sparkling. Even the stars were jealous!
  • Work hard, party harder!
  • Your smile can make others’ lives better.
  • Life starts right when you step out of your comfort zone!
  • The best curve is your smile.
  • I am not everyone’s cup of tea, but someone’s tequila! 


If you have found this article helpful, do let us know in the comment section below.


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