INDX ventures into Staking and DPoS with passive income token

INDX Group, a crypto passive income fintech firm launching a Security Token Offering (STO), has announced its expansion into Staking and DPoS (Distributed Proof Of Stake). This development was on 03 July.

INDX commenced by informing that its token holders would receive immediate passive income from the best Staking and DPoS assets. INDX informed that this was in addition to Masternodes in the portfolio. INDX conveyed that five DPoS projects had been added to its platform. INDX further added that through its integration with Block Matrix, it has added DPoS passive income from Loom Network, Cosmos, ICON, Ontology, and WAX.

Jonathan DeCarteret, CEO of INDX expressed – 

“An industry first, INDX now offers unparalleled diversification across the three main sources of crypto passive income. This expansion allows INDX to take positions in larger cap, less volatile currencies, in addition to the high yielding Masternode assets already in the portfolio. INDX is in pole position to offer the full suite of yielding assets to make institutional and qualified investor funds work harder.”

INDX clarified that the delegates in DPoS are elected and responsible for validating a new block. In the other case, they are voted out and replaced. INDX informed that staking just requires any node with a native deposit to validate blocks, sign them and add them to the blockchain. INDX stated that both DPoS and staking would generate income. INDX, however, noted that these two paradigms differ in execution and yields. 

INDX informed that its token holders would receive immediate passive income from the best Staking and DPoS assets.

INDX sustained by adding that it had taken two years to build the infrastructure and the algorithms to capture all the profits from these assets. INDX suggested that its token holders would be able to log onto the INDX dashboard and receive their passive income in the form of digital coins like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETC). The provision to receive passive income in the form of fiat currencies like U.S. dollars (USD), Euros (EUR) or British Pound (GBP) would be added later.

In June, INDX published a crypto passive income guide. The report compares the performance of tracker funds, government bonds, and peer-to-peer lending, with the emerging generation of crypto assets including Staking, Masternodes, and DPoS.

INDX wrapped up by conveying about its key industry engagements. INDX is an award-winning, venture capitalist led, fully tradable on exchanges, asset-backed and regulatory-compliant STO, giving investors liquidity with zero exit fees. INDX token could be owned to receive a regular passive income. INDX leverage their technology to deliver profits form Masternodes, Staking, and DPoS.