IBM Security’s team X-Force Red has launched a new blockchain testing service, as published by IBM on 05 March.

The X-Force Red blockchain service will help identify weaknesses and reinforce the security with a wide range of solutions. It will also evaluate both backend processes used to manage the actual ledger environment as well as blockchain networks.

The IBM notes in its report that, IBM X-Force Red is observing that 70 percent of solutions that incorporate blockchain rely on traditional technologies. The backend processes they rely upon include data processing, authentication and Application Programming Interfaces (API).

The X-Force Red Blockchain Testing service will assess the whole implementation including public key infrastructure, chain code, and hyperledgers. X-Force Red will also examine backend processes, physical hardware, and applications used to control access and handle blockchain networks.

Charles Henderson, Global Head of IBM X-Force Red stated in the report:

“While blockchain is a breakthrough for protecting the integrity of data, that does not mean the solutions that leverage it are immune from attackers, which is why security testing is essential during development and after deployment.”

As per the IBM report, X-Force Red will encourage blockchain adopters to utilize the security, development, and “attacker mindset.” The firm’s expertise will also assist in the overall development and deployment.


X-Force Red team consists of hackers, who can crack blockchain networks using the same techniques, tools, practices, and mindsets as criminals would practice. Through their vulnerability methods and practices, they can help organizations recognize and fix vulnerabilities before criminals attack or crack them.

The IBM report mentions about the X-Force Red’s typical blockchain testing engagement that will assess the following:

  • Identity and Access
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Smart Contract flaws
  • Software supply chain attacks

IBM is a fore-runner in contributing code and best practices. The firm will support the development of the much-needed technology and standards for secure, compliant and effective enterprise blockchain implementations. 

In December 2018, The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) announced its collaboration with IBM, to test a pilot system for blockchain-based supply chain system. The innovative system will produce a secure platform with detailed management information for the entire value chain of ADNOC; including tracking, validating, and execution of transactions at all the stages of operation.

Back in January, MineHub Technologies and IBM had partnered to improve operational competences, logistics, financing and reduce expenses in the high-value mineral concentrates supply chain from mining fields to end buyer.