IBM and Lenovo to increase customer care with blockchain solutions

IBM announced on 25 April that it would support the customer experience of Lenovo’s Data Center Group with cognitive and blockchain-powered service solutions.

IBM commenced by informing that this development would apply to 200 countries worldwide. IBM highlighted that immediate customer service demands had reached new standards. They are expected to easily integrate various networks and be online round the clock. In terms of quality of service, there should be no compromise and must deliver accessibility while maintaining swift levels of execution.

Laura Laltrello, Vice President and General Manager, Lenovo Data Center Group expressed –

“The enterprise today is equipped with a host of new technology solutions built to offer customers unprecedented support and deliver a world-class customer experience. We are looking forward to working with IBM to take the next step with our customers to deliver a personalized and seamless experience that ensures we continue to deliver industry leading customer satisfaction in data center support.”

IBM emphasized the productivity gain citing the collaboration would take customer care to the next level. The computing giant touched upon some logistics of the new service. When a customer engages with an agent for Lenovo’s storage, server or networking services, IBM’s virtual assistant takes over. The agent uses its virtual intelligence to personalize the conversation. Finally, the right questions and solution advice would be delivered.

Vivek Mahajan, IBM General Manager of Technology Support and Services, added on the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Vivek acknowledged the importance of data and its impact while noting AI could take support operations to new levels of customization. He sustained that global collaboration with Lenovo further unifies their long-standing relationship. Vivek finally indicated that with the decentralized innovation, technicians are equipped for better service.

blockchain is increasingly getting notice as a key driver of innovative solutions.

Last month, IBM announced about IBM Blockchain World Wire, a real-time global payments network in a host of markets. IBM introduced World Wire as the first blockchain network to integrate payment messaging, clearing and settlement on a single unified network. The network also allows users to dynamically choose from several digital assets for settlement.

IBM threw light on a few salient aspects that it would leverage to enhance the customer experience. These entities are – blockchain, virtual assistant for technical support, client insight portal and augmented reality. Each of these would play a singular role in addressing more than 50 million service requests that IBM Technology Support Services receives annually. Such requests are related to over 30,000 IBM and non-IBM products.