Hyperion heralds decentralized Titan Map Store

Hyperion, the largest map blockchain, officially announced on 29 July to launch decentralized map data layer service, Titan Map Store. 

Hyperion conveyed that leveraging the map store, users could access various open-source map layers. Users could avail the benefit for a more convenient and personalized routine planning. Hyperion shared an example quoting if a user needed to check the US Embassy or Consulate location, they could view the location details through the appropriate map layer. The map store broadcasts the value generated by Hyperion decentralized MapChain.

Hyperion technically conveyed on the innovation as – 

“Hyperion MapChain natively integrates the innovative Spatial Consensus Protocol (SCP) to reach consensus of static location data (map) and dynamic location data (localization) in a secure and verifiable manner. With Hyperion’s decentralized architecture, maps will be 1000x better for smarter cities, geospatial services, automotive and more. In future, decentralized Uber, DiDi, Airbnb will run on Hyperion MapChain by requesting the smart contracts built on chain.”

Hyperion informed about the distinction between traditional systems and blockchain-based approach. As an instance, Google Map transfers the expensive data collection cost to users and charges a high data request fee for its map services. Hyperion sustained by adding that in contrast, blockchain is a long network, implying every node built on it could get a benefit. The novelty is that the service fee charged to business users would be rewarded to each participant.

using the map store

Hyperion shifted focus to convey on some historical insight. Hyperion believed that the rise of Proof-of-stake (POS), Proof-of-work (POW) and blockchain operating system would end when Ethereum upgrade completes. Hyperion opined that with the open-source feature, the value of cross-chain and sharding would be derived by the public blockchain. Hyperion reasoned that this was the rationale why Hyperion chose to build an application-focused public blockchain.

In June, Hyperion shared valuable details on what is Hyperion MapChain. Hyperion conveyed that as the largest MapChain on the globe, it aims to provide One Map solution via decentralized technology, including map search, location share, and navigation. One Map offers trusted decentralized map service driven by spatial consensus.

Hyperion concluded by noting that apart from applications, another key aspect for the public blockchain is the protocol. The map store firm asserted that many public blockchains ignored the importance of protocols by focusing only on applications. Such a process created only fake demands. Hyperion suggested that the most important thing the blockchain world requires is innovative thinking. Hyperion reminded that the application-focused public blockchain would change life in the next decade.