Huobi University partners to scale blockchain research

Huobi University and the University of Gibraltar announced plans to collaborate on a range of blockchain research cum educational initiatives. This news emerged on 05 September.

Huobi Group commenced by headlining that the partnership denotes Huobi University’s first formal collaboration with a Western university. The research wing further added that the embrace was intended to help bridge the gap between Chinese and Western blockchain communities. A memorandum of understanding was formally signed between the parties confirming the partnership.

Albert Isola MP, Gibraltar’s Minister for Commerce cited – 

“We are very excited at the prospect of future collaborations between Huobi University and the University of Gibraltar, particularly as a means of accelerating the establishment of high quality blockchain-focused educational initiatives. Both parties share an ambition to promote high level academic research around the burgeoning DLT landscape, and I look forward to seeing this vision take shape.”

Jianing Yu, President of Huobi University, expressed that from their view, the most exciting potential development lies in creating a gateway to share China’s cutting-edge blockchain practices. Jianing further opined that bringing cutting-edge theories or practices from the West and elsewhere to China was also important.


Huobi Group further added that the potential for collaboration could take the form of academic programs, research projects, or short courses. The subject areas could be like digital asset investment, distributed business models, wealth management, interfacing blockchain with 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Huobi Group summarized that among other plans, both parties would launch a series of English-oriented courses for entrepreneurs.

Huobi University conveyed some credentials informing that it is an educational and research institution focusing on the advanced fields of new distributed business models. The firm noted that although not a formal university, Huobi University’s goal is to cultivate top entrepreneurs and investors in the blockchain field. Huobi Group conveyed that though primarily focused on China, Huobi University has hosted courses in the United States, Japan, and South Korea.

Huobi Group announced a partnership with Nervos to develop a new public blockchain focused on decentralized financial (DeFi) services. The project would be tentatively christened Huobi Finance Chain. The platform would be rules-friendly and a high-performance financial blockchain. It would allow enterprises, financial institutions to deploy their own blockchains, tokenized digital assets and DeFi services.