Buying Ripple(xrp)

Buying Ripple(xrp) using PayPal

We live in a fast age where transactions between parties have become electronic. No more cash crunch and other weakness associated with paper money. 

This efficiency is being facilitated through cryptocurrencies which are built on Blockchain technology. The blockchain is the generic name to a technique where transactions between parties are recorded and made public.

Blockchain has an infinite survival period, able to exist on several nodes or computers. This may be the entire Blockchain or fragments.

Such a model eliminates the need of a mediator(bank) and fosters peer-to-peer transactions. In such an approach, the party which keeps Blockchain updated is rewarded with transaction fees and some units of cryptocurrencies.

A host of cryptocurrencies have evolved over the years and number in the thousands. Bitcoin and Ripple were some pioneers with a specific purpose. A fact well known about Bitcoin is that it is consistently holding the highest market price. The highest transaction made using Bitcoin was 1,94,993 bitcoins!

We have to always recall the wise words that we should never invest more than we can afford to lose. As a novice, spend small, build your knowledge and be innovative. Payments made using Ripple are more reliable and Ripple today is one of the most valuable startups in the United States. In this article we will inform you of the below highlights:

  • An overview on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • An overview of Bitcoin and Ripple
  • Using crypto-exchange to buy currencies
  • Buying Ripple directly through PayPal
  • Other alternatives to buying Ripple directly through PayPal
  • Buying Bitcoin through PayPal and then trading it to Ripple

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An overview on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

It would help if you were well aware of the traditional way of transaction where one party sends funds to another through a bank. Low profile transactions are reasonably straightforward and fast.

How To Buy Ripple(xrp) With PayPal

Often high profile transactions have crept with bureaucracy and consumer operating costs and time. Blockchain in financial sector addresses this issue and delivers a smart solution. Blockchain maintains a universal ledger, so there is no geographic barrier. It has a universal lifespan so getting lost or deleted is virtually impossible.

Cryptocurrencies work on this model and all one-to-one transactions between stakeholders are recorded and available to all. We only need software to read blocks of the Blockchain and retrace essential transactions.

An overview of Bitcoin and Ripple

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be introduced. It almost created a revolution and added a new meaning to digital cash.

Even today after thousands of cryptocurrencies are available, Bitcoin remains popular and a study by the University Of Cambridge estimated that of the millions of wallets, Bitcoin is the most used.

However, Bitcoin suffers from some letdowns like usage for illegal transactions, price volatility, theft from exchanges and high electricity costs. Hopefully, these issues would be steadily streamlined.

Ripple vs Bitcoin

Ripple was introduced as a real-time gross settlement, remittance, and currency exchange platforms. The key idea behind real-time gross settlement is that there is a freeway between banks to transfer large corpus minimizing processing time.

As asserted by American Banker, Ripple has some advantages over Bitcoin. However, sometimes Ripple is criticized for not being truly decentralized.

Some unique selling points of Ripple are:

  • Ripple is the fourth most popular cryptocurrency in the market, in terms of market capitalization.
  • Ripple offers a reliable, on-demand option for sourcing cash for cross-border payments since it is built for enterprise use.
  • Ripple is still in the beta phase having a distributed and open sourced model.
  • Ripple promises to break what is loosely called ‘walled gardens’ of financial networks set by banks, credit cards and PayPal by streamlining fees payment, charges for currency exchange and processing delays.
  • The goal of Ripple is to build on the decentralized approach set by Bitcoin.

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Using crypto-exchange to buy currencies

Crypto-exchanges are the fountainhead of cryptocurrencies. We need a source from where we purchase cryptocurrencies and involve in trading. Crypto-exchanges can be global and regional. For example, the exchange Bithumb mostly caters to the need of South Korean residents.

In crypto-exchanges we can either use regional currencies or fiat currencies(like USD and EUR) to purchase cryptocurrencies. Similarly, we can sell our cryptocurrencies to regain spendable money.

Using regional currencies in crypto exchanges

Crypto-exchanges require account creation that often requires personal information and valid cell phone number. Due to their immense vulnerability, crypto-exchanges often stress great security.

Crypto-exchanges have exchange-wallet that store vital information(public key, private key, and balance). Users have a choice to transfer funds from exchange-wallet to off exchange-wallet.

Off exchange-wallets offer the user tremendous flexibility to use their cryptocurrency anywhere. Cryptocurrency can be used from purchasing a pizza to a luxury car!


Buying Ripple directly through PayPal

A host of goods and services can be purchased using PayPal. PayPal serves for online money transfers and is an alternative for cheques and money orders.

However, there are some issues with PayPal’s chargebacks and many vendors do not accept PayPal payment to purchase Ripple. Instead, they prefer credit card, bank transfers and Bitcoin.


At present, Cointal is the only platform that allows users to buy Ripple directly using PayPal. Cointal operates from London and provides a versatile way to purchase cryptocurrencies using a payment mode of choice.

Cointal offers 24/7 phone/chat support and boasts a quick and easy registration process. We give you here a quick overview of registering with Cointal followed by purchasing XRP with PayPal.

  • Go to Cointal website and click on Sign up.
  • Choose a username.
  • Enter a valid email address and repeat it.
  • Choose a strong password.
  • Enter details for captcha and confirm account creation.
  • Head to your email inbox and click on the activation link delivered.
  • After entering bio details, enter a valid cell phone number with country code.
  • Enter the confirmation code that is delivered to your phone.
  • Set up secret answers to the security question.

To buy/sell XRP go to Offers-> Market Place:

  • Select ‘Buy’
  • Choose the radio button for XRP.
  • Choose ‘Payment method’ as Paypal.
  • Choose a relevant currency to deal.
  • Either ‘Search’ for open offers or click ‘Give me the best’ to get trending offers.
  • You may have to change the trading currency to transact with the foreigner.

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Other alternatives to buying Ripple directly through PayPal

Although Cointal is the best portal to buy Ripple directly with PayPal, we were able to suggest another site BeBit which could potentially help users. You have to weigh your options when choosing portals to buy cryptocurrencies carefully.

Buying Bitcoin using PayPal and then trading it to Ripple

As an alternative to directly purchase Ripple using PayPal, you can first acquire Bitcoin using PayPal and then trade Bitcoin for Ripple. The widely used platforms to purchase Bitcoin using PayPal are – LocalBitcoins, Paxful, VirWoX, and Wirex.

  • LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins was floated in 2012, only three years after the first Bitcoin was mined. In order to provide a more community-based alternative to the centralized exchanges like Mt Gox and Coinbase, LocalBitcoins had this as their end goal.

    • Fees: The listing fee for the seller’s advertisement is the only fee levied by LocalBitcoins.
    • Getting started: Set up your LocalBitcoins account. Search for advertisements that offer Bitcoin in exchange for PayPal payments.


  • Paxful

Similar to LocalBitcoins, Paxful is a peer-to-peer matching service for buying and selling Bitcoins. An escrow policy and reputation system promotes trust between the two parties and help prevent fraud.

    • Fees: Paxful makes its revenue from the advertisement listing fees the service charges sellers. There is no fee for transactions.
    • Getting started: All you have to do is search for listings, post creating your Paxful account. The amount required for the transaction using the dollar or other fiat currency are the inputs to the search box.
  • VirWoX

VirWoX is a popular exchange that focuses more on the virtual currencies used in the virtual world of Second Life and online games. The only cryptocurrency available on the exchange is Bitcoin.

    • Fees: VirWoX will relay any PayPal charges it incurs for accepting your deposit.
    • Getting started: Create a VirWoX account and go through the relatively user-friendly steps to deposit using PayPal.
  • Wirex

Wirex is often branded as “hybrid personal banking system” since it seamlessly connects the Blockchain-based world of cryptocurrencies with the common and ever-present fiat currencies.

    • Fees: Wirex charges a monthly management fee to its customers. You will also pay fees for each transaction if you transact in US dollars.
    • Getting started: Making transactions using Wirex with PayPal is a lengthy process often taking weeks to complete. The Wirex account creation and verification process have some bureaucracy.

Once bitcoins are bought, you need to trade them for Ripple on one of the exchanges. The largest exchanges that support Bitcoin-to-Ripple trade are:

  • Abra: Abra is a bitcoin wallet app for iOS and Android that lets users exchange 54 fiat currencies and 20 cryptocurrencies through peer-to-peer technology.
  • Binance: Binance is a cryptocurrency-only exchange founded in China, but now based on the Mediterranean island nation of Malta. The exchange promotes its fast, stable trading technology as well as the resilient reputation of Binance’s founder and investors.
  • Bitfinex: Bitfinex is one of the largest and oldest digital currency exchanges on the market and one of the few that offer multiple order types, margin trading functionality and over-the-counter trading.
  • BitMEX: BitMEX is a crypto-only exchange that focuses mostly on futures contracts in Bitcoin and five other cryptocurrencies.
  • Bitstamp: Bitstamp is one of the oldest Bitcoin exchanges and the most significant European exchange by trading volume. Along with US dollars, Bitstamp supports Euros as well as five digital currencies.

Based in Luxembourg, Bitstamp’s exchange operates from London.

  • Bittrex: Founded by a group of security coders from Microsoft and Amazon, Bittrex aims to be the go-to exchange for advanced traders and institutions with support for over 190 different digital currencies.

The exchange promotes its brand on performance, stability and security, but struggled to deal with the massive influx of new customers in 2017.

  • was founded by Oleksandr Lutskevych in 2013 and became popular for providing cloud-based bitcoin mining system GHash. CEX did not achieve trading volumes of industry leaders like Coinbase but remains a robust option for European traders.
  • Changelly: Changelly is unique in the fact that instead of running its own exchange, its automated systems run the trade through exchanges like Poloniex and Bittrex to find the best rates.


Such a different approach offers more privacy than other crypto exchanges. Also, Changelly only holds funds for a brief period and there is no centralized wallet for hackers to tamper.

  • eToro: To give users an innovative approach for trading in the equities, forex and commodities markets, this was the cornerstone of eToro.

The company boasts of a particular feature called contract for difference, or CFD, which allows for highly speculative short-term trading on the price changes in various assets without having to own the assets themselves.

  • Kraken: Headquartered in San Francisco, Kraken was founded in the year 2011. Primarily being the most massive Bitcoin exchange trading with the fiat currency Euro, Kraken expanded into Canada, US, UK, and Japan.

The most attractive features of Kraken are low transaction fees, high liquidity and advanced trading tools. Experienced investors much appreciate these features. Novice cryptocurrency traders can benefit from the platform’s conservative approach to security, coin storage, and financial management.

Once bitcoins are bought using PayPal, it needs to be transferred to the exchange of choice. Then an order has to be placed to purchase Ripple using Bitcoin balance.

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You must have a vivid idea on how to purchase Ripple using PayPal. Although the option to directly buy XRP using PayPal is limited, it does not pose an issue.

For the moment, the most practical way to purchase XRP(using PayPal) is through the roundabout way of acquiring Bitcoin and then trading it for Ripple. In the future, there could be a solution to this involved process.

You have to be aware of the power of Ripple and leverage all facilities to own and trade Ripple.