Honeyminer makes ‘sweet entry’ on MacOS

The Honeyminer team shared news on 09 May about the general availability to mine with its app within the Apple Macintosh ecosystem.

Honeyminer headlined that since its onset, it has endeavored to make use of the computing power of every connected device. The New Jersey-based cryptocurrency mining startup conveyed its mission where all individuals would be a part of the digital revolution. Such people would also stand benefited to earn as much as they can. Honeyminer expressed that the future holds promise where computers can achieve more with humans.

Honeyminer cited on the latest development as –

“At Honeyminer, we love our Apple computers – and we’ve heard from hundreds of our community members that are excited to use the equipment they already own to mine. We are committed to providing the very best software and mining experience available in the world. This is why we built Honeyminer for Mac.”

Honeyminer threw light on some key features of the app while conveying that anyone can mine with the efficiency of the best professional software. To enlist salient features, the app is a seamless, one-click mining application. The user can view their balance in either satoshis or US dollars. The app is intuitive enough to estimate daily and monthly potential earnings. The app further provides a log with current mining statistics, currencies, and hardware utilized.

honeyminer threw light on some key features of the macos app while conveying that anyone can mine with the efficiency of the best professional software.

Honeyminer sustained by briefly informing about more features. The app features an integrated dashboard that works across all hardware. There is a mobile dashboard view on the web app. Mining is facilitated through the central processing unit (CPU), graphics processing unit (GPU), or both. There is provision to mine even when the computer is idle. The user can avail withdrawals while gaining experience points, level up bonus, and referral rewards.

In February, Symantec, a cybersecurity software and services provider informed Microsoft about eight malicious apps related to crypto mining. Microsoft cracked the whip by removing these apps from its Store. Symantec found eight apps on Microsoft Store that mined crypto without the user’s knowledge.

Honeyminer finally indicated that if the user is running an older Mac model, there would be a pop up that recommends specific settings for the machine. Such a measure is to ensure the best experience with Honeyminer. Honeyminer team encouraged users to download the application and become a miner in literally minutes. The ease of use is what sets the application apart while also contributing the machine to one of the most interesting networks.