Hey, Gamers! Razer is looking for you to mine cryptocurrency using Idle GPUs

Gaming equipment manufacturer, Razer is looking for gamers to use their idle computers to mine cryptocurrencies. However, the program does not allow users to keep the cryptocurrency they mine.

Razer’s new program, called SoftMiner, allows computer users to utilize their pricy GPUs, while they don’t use their computers.

According to Razer, gamers running on their mining software will be contributing to GammaNow, a platform that Razer is partnered with. GammaNow will store the mined cryptocurrency and in return will give users a small fee for devoting their computing power.

In exchange of mining cryptocurrencies, Razer rewards them with Razer Silver, company’s loyalty rewards program.

The Singapore and San-Francisco based company announced the program via Twitter, calling out all gamers to earn rewards from their computers for doing “nothing at all.”

Razer rewards them with Razer Silver

Once the software is installed, it will automatically activate the computer’s GPU, even when the computer is inactive. Though, it is still not clear what cryptocurrency or cryptocurrencies the software will be able to generate; based on the popularity of networks, Ethereum and Monero may be the options for miners.

The gaming equipment company claims that with proper set-up, gamers can earn up to 500 Razer Silver in 24 hours, roughly amounting to about $1.67 per day or $0.07 per hour on $5 worth of Razer rewards costing 1,500 credits. The rewards that are earned can be used in purchasing one of the products listed in the Razer Silver Catalog.

It is still not clear on how the cryptocurrency mining trade deal can be the best trade deal for the users going forward.