Healthcare blockchain project signed by dignitaries

Dignitaries met at the Fullerton Hotel signing the largest blockchain project for the Southeast Asian region which would influence blockchain’s role in healthcare. The news provided by dClinic surfaced on 29 July.

dClinic commenced by informing that the deal was worth 140 million U.S. dollars, signed by dignitaries from Batam and the Indonesian Government. Stakeholders of healthcare especially the providers and consumers would benefit from the development. dClinic further added that it had engaged Deloitte & Touche Financial Advisory Services Pte Ltd as its key advisor for the project.

Dr. Richard Satur, CEO of dClinic cited – 

“For too long, organizations and governments have pursued static Electronic Health Records as their preferred solution to answer the complexities of their patient’s healthcare journeys. There is more evidence being compiled daily that these are restricted and often don’t work. The answer to healthcare worldwide is a dedicated Healthcare Blockchain. dClinic can provide such a solution and in Batam, Indonesia, we will. Coupled with our own Vitality Retreats, we will work with RSBP Batam to demonstrate the clear benefits of Blockchain for Healthcare.”

dClinic shared clarity that BP Batam Hospital, BP Batam and dClinic had officially signed contracts to deliver projects in Batam, Indonesia. Such projects include the delivery of BMB (Batam Medical Blockchain) leveraging dClinic’s PHB (Private Healthcare Blockchain). dClinic and BP Batam would also engage in a partnership to deliver dClinic’s program for Wellness and Vitality at a number of venues.

the contract would greatly influence the role of blockchain will play in healthcare

dClinic sustained by adding that Batam was well placed to be the center of excellence for blockchain. The firm noted the domain in particular for Medical Technology service advancements. dClinic emphasized the point that this was very much aligned with the Indonesian government’s plan to create Medical and Digital Economic Zones in Batam.

In May, there were reports of Batam and dClinic being world leaders in Healthcare Blockchain technology. Such a mission would be achieved by bringing together a significant number of partners to help deliver a blockchain solution for Batam citizens.

dClinic briefly touched on its credentials stating it was the first healthcare company to operate clinics on a dedicated Private Healthcare Blockchain (PHB). dClinic summarized that as part of its project reporting commitments it would collaborate with BP Batam. There would be regular announcements in the media to update the Blockchain, Health and Wellness communities about progress in this region. BP Batam and dClinic extended invitation to other companies for exploring integration opportunities.