GreenPrint Corp., Plastic Bank partner and leverage blockchain

GreenPrint, an environmental technology company announced a partnership with Plastic Bank, an organization working to stop ocean plastic. This development was on 10 July.

GreenPrint opined that both organizations share the belief that the future of business lies in a sustainable economy. GreenPrint noted that it uses patented technology to calculate carbon dioxide emissions via payment transactions. Post this the firm invests proportionately in certified projects to market sustainability programs for its clients. GreenPrint informed that its programs were currently running at over 4,500 retail locations in 14 countries across the world.

Pete Davis, founder, and CEO of GreenPrint quoted – 

“It’s our responsibility as a business and as individuals to support our communities and environment. That’s why we are excited to partner with Plastic Bank, which will give our clients another opportunity to engage with their customers and communities through sustainability programs and make a notable and competitive difference. Plastic Bank’s mission is to stop Ocean Plastic by gathering a billion people together to monetize waste while improving lives aligns with GreenPrint and our client’s missions seamlessly.”

GreenPrint threw light on the offer that through the partnership with Plastic Bank, GreenPrint would enable its clients to become plastic neutral. GreenPrint would achieve this by replacing their plastic consumption with Social Plastic Collections Credits (SPCC). GreenPrint clarified that SPCC funds the recovery and recycling of an equivalent volume of ocean-bound plastic. This approach neutralizes the environmental impact of virgin plastic use.

David Katz, CEO of Plastic Bank shared a vital statistic that Plastic Bank had collectively recovered over 10 million pounds of waste plastic from the ocean environment. He expressed enthusiasm to have partnered with GreenPrint. David opined that through such a strategic partnership, it would only strengthen their ability to make an even greater impact through their network of clients.

In May, there were reports about The Ontology Team announcing that it has partnered with Shanghai Qingyue, a leading environmental NGO in China. Ontology conveyed that the two would focus on green finance. The partners would develop a trusted solution for environmental information in the area of green finance. They would be making use of Ontology blockchain for this endeavor. 

GreenPrint concluded by touching upon some of its key industry engagements. GreenPrint noted that it was founded by a team of loyalty and rewards experts. GreenPrint acknowledged its creation of the first reduced emissions programs. This innovation enables companies to enhance their existing offerings in a more efficient and customized way.