GRAX heralds immutable blockchain ledger

GRAX released a blockchain ledger used to preserve all versions of Salesforce data. This development was reported on 29 August.

GRAX commenced by informing that the industry-first immutable ledger is used to preserve, protect, and governing authority for all versions of data. GRAX sustained by adding that its Time Machine with non-changeable entries delivers unlimited versioning and chaining of Salesforce data. GRAX maintained that the offer would support signed and encrypted data within a customer’s cloud service of choice.

GRAX further commented on the development as – 

“The GRAX Immutable Ledger now guarantees a customer can audit, analyze and report on a complete chain of custody for any legal or governing body. GRAX customers own and define privacy, security, auditing and access controls of all versions of data within Salesforce.”

GRAX touched upon some technicality stating that its market-leading Data Value platform delivers the industry’s first transactional chain for Salesforce. GRAX also indicated an unlimited data retention policy. The firm mentioned about the Object Time Machine’s immutable ledger allowing customers to track, chain, audit, and retain unlimited data changes with 100% chain of ownership preserved. 

GRAX maintained that Salesforce was the vital source of a company’s customer engagement. GRAX added a point of significant highlight that the Object Time Machine ensures that the data history is secured, stored, and backed up in real-time using the GRAX Heroku Data Lake pipeline. As an add-on, GRAX puts the data inside the user’s own data housing environment. 

GRAX heralds immutable blockchain ledger

Adam Caplan, Senior Vice President of Emerging Technology at Salesforce blogged about the announcement of Salesforce Blockchain. Adam noted that Salesforce Blockchain is a novel, simple blockchain platform connected to Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The new offer helps organizations securely collaborate and share data across third parties. Adam substantiated on the benefits of blockchain technology.

GRAX finally added its key industry engagements. GRAX simplifies how companies collect and audit all versions of their data from leading service platforms. GRAX emphasized that it was turning the necessity of backup and archive into an insight used to analyze, learn, or automate. GRAX noted on its prowess as being currently used by the largest global companies in highly regulated industries to preserve data.