Gracias App spreading the potential of Bitcoin

Gracias, a mobile app focused on Bitcoin, is working to make crypto accessible by integrating familiar functionality like messaging, gifs and emojis. The news surfaced on 25 July.

Gracias clarified that for the initial phases, the firm was focusing on inclusion with the aim of fostering Bitcoin literacy and adoption among a diverse population. Gracias asserted that the highlight would be young people and communities that are traditionally sidelined in finance. Gracias welcomed its presence on iPhone while kicking off its pilot program by gifting the first 10,000 users with a small amount of Bitcoin.

Gracia’s founder Deana Burke cited – 

“The future of money is being shaped by today’s crypto community. Gracias is designing for ease-of-use and accessibility, in order to get a more diverse group of people, with different values and interests, involved in this movement while it’s all still so new. So many non-technical people tell me that they are curious about crypto, and want to own some, but they’re confused or intimidated about where to begin. They don’t think this world is available to them and that’s what I’m trying to fix with Gracias.”

Gracias continued by expressing some benefits during the introductory period. The mobile app firm conveyed that during the primary phases, when users would supply promo code, Gracias would deposit 5 U.S. dollars worth of Bitcoin into the user’s account. Gracias added another bonus that the company would also give an additional 2 U.S. dollars of Bitcoin for each new referral from an existing user to the app.

Gracias welcomed its presence on iPhone while kicking off its pilot program by gifting the first 10,000 users with a small amount of Bitcoin.

Gracias expressed having raised 1.2 million U.S. dollars in its first round of funding earlier this year. The mobile app firm noted this endeavor was in partnership with Idealab NY, Zynga co-founder Eric Schiermeyer, and No. 1 New York Times bestselling author, philanthropist Tony Robbins. Gracias clarified that post the initial three-month pilot evaluation, Gracias would partner with an exchange to allow US users to buy, sell and spend the cryptocurrency.

Recently, Ergo platform emphasized that it was poised to solve principle Bitcoin problems. Ergo conveyed that the platform leverages Autolykos consensus protocol which solves many of the problems in Bitcoin’s ledger. Such problems could be regarding security or scalability.

Gracias summarized by noting the rise in adoption of cryptocurrencies. The mobile app enterprise shared information on a study that indicated young people were becoming increasingly comfortable with digital coins. Gracias captured the sentiments of youth who believe Bitcoin would be used widely in the next decade.