Global eye care to be benefited by blockchain

VisionBanker, a startup that has goals to improve global eye care through technology announced that it has planned to raise 10 million U.S. dollars through a token sale.

VisionBanker headlined that it forecasted 12 million U.S. dollars in revenue within three years of launch. The initial focus would be in the Asian province. VisionBanker conveyed that the problem to be tackled would be the growing number of cases of myopia in Asia. VisionBanker further added on its plans to tap into the eye care market valued at 182 billion U.S. dollars. VisionBanker noted that while the presale was ongoing, public sales would launch late this year.

Dato Seri David Sew, Chief Executive Officer of VisionBanker expressed – 

“Myopia is a serious problem globally, with about 50 per cent of the developed world needing glasses. This is especially so in Asia, and specifically in our backyard Southeast Asia. We’ve seen studies and heard of how poor eyecare can lead to poorer education and even lead to safety issues. With the eyecare fitting process fundamentally unchanged for centuries, we wanted to use new technologies to help consumers around the world have a more convenient and easier time when improving their vision.”

VisionBanker further added on the logistics of the offer. By leveraging technologies such as blockchain, mobile apps and facial recognition global consumers stand benefited. Such consumers get better access to eye care while also availing the benefit to earn VBK tokens if they maintain regular check-up. VisionBanker further noted that optometric professionals would be able to earn tokens for their answers to user queries on the app.

VisionBanker conveyed that the problem to be tackled would be the growing number of cases of myopia in Asia.

VisionBanker clarified that all transactions would be stored on the blockchain which could be accessed by organizations or government. Such bodies with an interest in eye care research could make vital decisions using anonymous data. VisionBanker conveyed that after an optometrist inspects a patient, the records can be saved seamlessly on the blockchain. Consumers can access their records and track their progress over time.

In June, HSBlox announced its partnership with Q² Solutions and R3 to herald a successful blockchain-based solution for tracking of Human Biological Samples in Clinical Research. HSBlox emphasized that the solution is still a proof-of-concept (POC). The goal of the POC was to explore tracking of biological samples in clinical trials.

VisionBanker wrapped up by informing that the development was expected to complete and would be launched next year led by states of Southeast Asia. VisionBanker conveyed on its mission to maintain affordability while providing anonymous eye care data to medical, research, optometric and insurance organizations.