Global Currency Unit announced by Global Profit Technologies

Global Profit Technologies, Inc. (GLPT), a publicly-traded company, announced on 02 July that it had developed and released a new cryptocurrency, the Global Currency Unit or GCU.

GLPT commenced by informing that GCU is a digital utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain platform. GLPT added that the primary usage of GCU was to serve as a method of payment for its new fully automated cryptocurrency trading artificial intelligence (AI) software. GLPT further added that GCU would also be used as transaction fees on the Global Profit Exchange. GLPT clarified that both these offerings were currently under final stages of development.

GLPT informed about its already existing and successful foreign currency trading platform, known as 4X-DAT. GLPT clarified that the new fully automated crypto trading solution would be available as a sophisticated stand-alone algorithmic AI software christened Crypto-DAT. Joseph Nemeth, GLPT’s CEO and Chief Product Architect expressed concern as to why traders had to unprofitably work on their computers without a sizeable gain.

Joseph Nemeth further quoted – 

“The digital currency market has quickly become one of the fastest growing markets of our time, having gained worldwide acceptance and legitimacy. Moving into crypto currencies is just a natural evolution of our existing business model. After all, given our long-term experience with automated trading, we are quite possibly the most qualified company to bring an automated crypto-trader to this new, fascinating marketplace. We expect the new Crypto-DAT™ to become the premier fully-automated trading platform in the digital currency space and fully intend on being a dominant player in this fast growing and exciting market.”

Joseph sustained by adding that since the company’s official release of 4X-DAT for live foreign currency trading, thousands of traders around the world have downloaded the software and had an opportunity to test its effectiveness. He continued that currently, 4X-DAT was designed to trade foreign currencies, however, it can be easily modified to trade any instrument. Joseph clarified that this included blockchain-based digital assets also.

Joseph intuitively indicated that with the volatility witnessed in many of the cryptocurrencies coupled with the rapid expansion and mass appeal of the market, traders would dramatically increase their success using AI trading technology. He concluded by expressing that GLPT, together with the novel GCU, Crypto-DAT, and the new Global Profit Exchange would change the convention. Joseph highlighted that people around the world would benefit from how they invest in their future.

Earlier, there were reports of GLPT announcing the creation of the world’s first fully automated forex trading platform and exclusive licensing/strategic partnership with Automata FX.