German artist’s crypto passion expressed creatively

CoinPath, the social network to discuss cryptocurrency and blockchain, reported on 30 December 2018 a German artist’s affinity for cryptocurrencies.

27-year-old German crypto artist Simon Moratz uses sculpture art to convey his creative message in the cryptosphere. His latest piece of art titled “Why Bitcoin Matters”, is available for sale on his website, which can be purchased only using crypto (BTC, ETH, XMR or BNB).

Simon quoted that in the recent past, the best way he can contribute to the crypto community is by expressing “the way this community thinks, figuratively and naturally.” It is due to this reason that he creates crypto art.

Simon has five other sculptures advertised on his website, that are mostly made of wood and stone. Simon strictly enforces cryptocurrency payment for these sculptures also.

The famous cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced the Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF) in July 2018 and started accepting donations in October. Simon does a commendable service by donating 50% of the price of each of his artwork to BCF.

Cryptocurrencies are slowly getting recognized even in fine arts. Such an embrace will better inform the masses.

Simon explains his humane endeavor:

“The first artwork was completed shortly after Binance unveiled its blockchain-based aid organization. There I decided to donate half of it to the Blockchain Charity Foundation. Because in crypto it is not about making money from others or trying to make a quick fortune on an exchange. This is not the cause, purpose or the reason why we should be in crypto. We should be here for the ideals of crypto which is openness, less power and distribution. That´s how we can share.”

Simon says that this project “started on the 17th of September and it took one and a half month to find all materials in nature, build and finish it.” On his website, Simon further elaborates the “expressive purpose” of each element of his sculptures.

Simon cites as an example that the “stone ring symbolizes the ability to send value globally and borderless,” and that the “colorful stones” at the base of each sculpture represent “every kind of human”.

Simon wanted to express an analogy of his sculptures with the blockchain network. Blockchain being a non-biased network where people from any walk of life can participate without the distinction of race or other features, Simon’s artwork headlines this noble idea.

We cannot help rejoice such entry of digital coins into fine art. There will come a time when people will bank entirely on cashless economy thus creating a powerful capital market.