First Eurasia Blockchain Summit hosted by Huobi

Huobi Group, with Kemer Partners, announced on 12 September that it will be hosting the first Eurasia Blockchain Summit, in Turkey.

Huobi Global’s CEO, Livio Weng cited – 

“Turkey has been an important market for us this year. Our team has been on the ground to fulfil the promises we made to the users and bring in key industry leaders to trigger conversations around blockchain that were long overdue for Turkey. As a part of this initiative, expect bigger announcements from us in the coming three months.”

Huobi Group conveyed that the summit was set to be the largest blockchain and cryptocurrency gathering in Turkey. The firm also noted Turkey’s presence as currently leading the rate of cryptocurrency adoption in Europe. Huobi Group stated that in hosting the summit, it would bring together leading blockchain companies, professionals, and speakers. This would further foster the adoption of blockchain technologies in Turkey and throughout Europe.

First Eurasia Blockchain Summit hosted by Huobi

Huobi Group sustained by adding that the first annual Eurasia Blockchain Summit would see industry experts gather, together with local and international crypto adopters. Such personnel would discuss methods in advancing the development and application of blockchain technology. Huobi Group emphasized that it would play a vital role in supporting the inaugural summit while increasing its own expansion efforts in Turkey.

Arfat Cenk Erkin, Founding Partner of Kemer Partners said that blockchain technology was set to be one of the most critical technological development for Turkey in the upcoming years. Arfat summarized that by organizing the first annual Eurasia Blockchain Summit, they were giving Turkey the recognition it deserved as a focus for future development, for years to come.

Huobi University and the University of Gibraltar announced plans to collaborate on a range of blockchain research cum educational initiatives. Huobi Group headlined that the partnership denotes Huobi University’s first formal collaboration with a Western university. The research wing further added that the embrace was intended to help bridge the gap between Chinese and Western blockchain communities.

Huobi Group announced a partnership with Nervos to develop a new public blockchain focused on decentralized financial (DeFi) services. Huobi introduced itself as a leading global blockchain services provider whereas Nervos is a layered blockchain network. The project would be temporarily named Huobi Finance Chain. This platform would be rules-friendly and a top-performance financial blockchain.