FinaCom sets a firmer footing with a key recruit

Dr. Katerina Troshina has joined the elite Blockchain Expert Committee, as per an official announcement dated 14 January

The committee was recently formed in The Financial Commission (FinaCom PLC). The Financial Commission is an independent self-regulatory organization and an external dispute resolution body. FinaCom is dedicated to digital currencies, Forex, and the blockchain. The unique aspect of FinaCom is that it operates with utmost transparency even though it does not come under the purview of any jurisdiction.

The announcement introduces Dr.Troshina as the co-founder of SmartDec. This high-tech firm brings in the skills of talented software developers, mathematicians, and analytics experts to provide solutions to blockchain verification plus other verticals.

To further highlight Dr.Troshina’s credentials, she has a master’s degree in economics. Dr.Troshina’s research acumen extends to domains like plasma, state-of channels, and zero-knowledge proof methods. Dr.Troshina’s earnest vision is to see a healthy amalgamation of secure blockchain technologies in the financial industry.

dr.Troshina's entry into blockchain expert committee is poised to bring in solutions to hardcore adversities.

Finacom’s Blockchain Expert Committee (BEC) is a heterogeneous body consisting of digital asset experts. It also includes legal and regulatory personnel who want to bring in groundbreaking changes to issues of digital currencies.

The BEC is a key component of the Blockchain Association which has lofty goals to bring in business integrity. Companies and individuals who form an integral part of this forum get the privilege to interact with industry leaders plus being at the forefront of global markets.

FinaCom, in addition, to provide a dispute resolution cum certification service recently ventured into the crypto community and blockchain startups aiming to launch initial coin offerings (ICOs).

To substantiate on validating prospective ICOs, FinaCom has set up a dedicated panel who overlook the value add of prospective token offerings. FinaCom has borrowed measures from its Dispute Resolution Committee, while the ICO panel consists of several fintech veterans.

FinaCom also announced that it will begin accepting cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin as payment for its regulatory services. Dr.Troshina has arrived at the reigns at a strategic time when FinaCom has set to spread its wings through an expansion.

There is absolutely no doubt that personnel who have hands-on experience in areas like blockchain and cryptocurrencies would help bring in innovative solutions to chronic problems. With problems existing like slow pace integration and cross border inhibitions, people like Dr.Troshina can make digital coins accessible even to laymen.