Ethos joins the rank with Voyager

Stephen Ehrlich, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Voyager announced in his blog on February 28 about welcoming Ethos to Voyager family.

Stephen introduced Ethos as a leading Universal Wallet & Blockchain Service Provider. He highlighted the core strengths of Voyager as being a state-of-the-art crypto trading technologist. Combined with Ethos’ strong self-custody solution for sending, storing and receiving assets, Voyager gives to the market a truly valuable solution.

Stephen quoted on the integration as –

“The Ethos Universal Wallet has become one of the most trusted and respected wallets in the crypto space. The software will be integrated into the Voyager’s retail and institutional businesses, allowing customers to self-custody their crypto assets while seamlessly integrating them with a brokerage solution for efficient trading.”

Stephen headlined that this monumental partnership would offer both institutional and retail crypto traders unmatched speed and security while also fostering smooth flow of funds. Stephen emphasized that this embrace was not only to scale technical frontiers but also to bring a novel approach to digital transactions.

Stephen cited that Shingo Lavine, Founder and current CEO of Ethos, will be joining Voyager as Chief Blockchain Officer. Shingo will continue to hold a post as Voyager’s Board of Directors and would be entrusted to steer Voyager towards prosperity.

Voyager's acquisition of Ethos promises newer dimensions for digital transactions.

Stephen praised the achievements of Shingo noting that with Shingo holding the reigns, Ethos has spawned two world-class products to the market; the Universal Wallet and Bedrock. Stephen conveyed that Shingo is a well-reputed expert in crypto and blockchain domains. Shingo’s expertise would definitely be priceless to Voyager’s growth.

Stephen reminisced announcing the partnership with Ethos last year, stating the productive engagement with the hundreds of thousands of members of Ethos’ community globally. Stephen warmly welcomed the entire Ethos network while also presenting the long-awaited fiat gateway.

Stephen clarified on the roadmap that this acquisition would entail. In days to come, teams from Voyager and Ethos would be striving to integrate the people, resources and technologies. This endeavor would result in new products, services, and an overall powerup to the Voyager takeaway.

Stephen concluded his blog on a positive note that both Voyager and Ethos believe in a financial model that is transparent for any individual. While vouching that cryptocurrencies are the future, Stephen averred that they would work towards better infrastructure and acceptance.