ETC Labs and Metronome collaborate to provide ChainHop

ETC Labs and Metronome collaborate to provide ChainHop

San Francisco based Ethereum Classic Labs shared news on 27 June about its partnership with Metronome to enable a novel cross-blockchain “chainhop” interoperability.

Ethereum Classic Labs conveyed in simple terms that this feature would allow digital assets to be transferred between the blockchains Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC). The lab’s new takeaway would enable Metronome based cross-chain transactions to seamlessly occur between ETH and ETC. ETC Labs mentioned that other advancements to Ethereum Classic such as Atlantis hard fork further builds the capability of blockchain solutions.

Terry Culver, ETC Labs CEO expressed – 

“We are excited to work with the Metronome team to help initiate its Validator Network, which will first enable movement of Metronome tokens between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. The work ETC Labs and the community have done with Ethereum Classic’s open-source protocol has extended that protocol’s value such that projects like Metronome can be confident in Ethereum Classic’s role in the global decentralized community. This will further the adoption of mainstream applications.”

ETC Labs indicated that as part of the partnership, it would support Metronome’s Validator Network. The Metronome Validator Network is a system in place to ensure secure transactions. ETC Labs clarified that such a system thwarts potential breaches from compromises like double-spending and ensures fluid cross-chain transactions. ETC Labs conveyed on some technicality that the Validator would initially consist of over 5 validators which are bound to grow.

Jeff Garzik, CEO and co-founder of Bloq, chief designer of Metronome, and one of the earliest Bitcoin developers had a say that ETC Labs had indeed worked hard. Jeff was appreciative of scaling the Ethereum Classic blockchain to provide the better cross-chain capability. He expressed positively on such infrastructure being able to help Metronome. Jeff opined that Metronome would be benefited from self-governance and reliability among other gains.

Last week, the Ethereum Classic Labs Core created a Jade service runner, a set of decentralized application (DApps) development tools. The service allows developers to support users to leverage their infrastructure. The service is also a framework which is designed to ease the load from the users.

ETC Labs signed off by conveying some key activities about Metronome and itself. Metronome is a fully autonomous cryptocurrency built for usability, fairness, and endurance. Ethereum Classic Labs core mission is to accelerate the development of Ethereum Classic community and ecosystem. ETC Labs is supported by a strong development team which furnishes the necessary tools that help in seamless blockchain development. ETC Labs also provides financial assistance and mentorship programs to foster the development of Ethereum Classic solutions.