Epazz engineering a Bitcoin sharing and blockchain social media app

Epazz Inc., a leading provider of blockchain crypto mobile apps and cloud business software solutions, announced the development of Webbeeo on 27 June.

Epazz conveyed that the app is a Bitcoin sharing and blockchain social media application. Epazz clarified that Webbeeo would be a better social media app compared to conventional applications since it uses blockchain. The blockchain mobile app firm noted that through Webbeeo users would be able to have better control of their data. The other salient advantages include the ability to use Epazz’s Bitcoin wallet to share digital coins over the network.

Epazz CEO Shaun Passley stated – 

“We wanted to take advantage of the climate to hopefully attract a user base before the climate shifts. We have been working on a social media platform with the goal of providing enhanced privacy to the public. This is something we know the public wants. We believe in getting the site to the public even as a beta release to attract users. Once our blockchain storage technology is integrated, only the user will have access to their data via crypto key.”

Epazz commented on the growing life cycle of Webbeeo app. The blockchain mobile app firm clarified that in initial versions, Webbeeo would be similar to any other traditional social media application. Epazz indicated that the breakthrough would arise when it would integrate the patent-pending blockchain storage into the platform. Epazz reassured that this provision would bring in greater security in comparison with other platforms.

Epazz sustained by adding a point of distinction that users just need to access data on the blockchain. There is no data that is stored on their mobile devices. The users are spared to directly access any social media portals, rather they just need their dedicated information. Epazz further added that the data is encrypted for better privacy and protection. Epazz indicated using an open platform to hasten the launch of the beta site.

In May, Epazz announced that its patent-pending technology would allow users to place bets using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The technology is planned to be released for beta testing in the coming months. The company would use a digital ledger to record the bets and would use a third party to transfer the bitcoins.

Epazz conveyed insight into some details that would not seem very obvious. Webbeeo’s Social Media Blockchain Decentralized Platform works by negating the need for intermediaries. Epazz suggested that such a system provides users with more control over their data and their interaction with others. Webbeeo would be available on the App Store and Apple Play.