EOS Rapid brings blockchain to the masses

The team at EOS had been building atop its blockchain network that is more user-friendly, resulting in a technology allowing users to easily access decentralized apps. This development was reported on 15 August.

EOS Rapid set the context by recollecting some aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The firm further noted the diversity in opinions with some people criticizing digital coins. On the other hand, reputed personnel finally admitted the inherent potential of virtual currencies. EOS Rapid sustained by adding that blockchain could well be the next-generation Internet. However, when compared to the dotcom revolution, decentralized systems further needs a wide user base.

EOS Rapid introduced the new platform cc.fo and expressed – 

“With cc.fo, users needn’t download any complex software or know any technical jargon. Users also do not have to install any plugins or third-party software. Instead, developers host websites directly from the blockchain, and users can visit a custom website address that is prefixed with a given software developer’s EOS handle and ending in “.cc.fo”. For example, if the software developer’s handle is abracadabra, then one just has to enter “abracadabra.cc.fo” into his web browser to access the dApp.”

EOS Rapid further added that when users access a cc.fo powered webpage, the cc.fo platform software development kit would handle all of the blockchain technology. EOS Rapid threw light on the fact that to a normal user, a cc.fo-powered decentralized app (dApp) looks and feels like a normal website. The firm noted the contrast that in the background, the system has all the benefits of security and decentralization.


WORBLI, a compliance-focused blockchain has partnered with blockchain industry leaders dfuse and EOS Canada, to integrate powerful tools to enhance the development process. WORBLI conveyed in the report that after the recent announcement of a 3.5 million U.S. dollars in seed financing, dfuse continued to expand its offerings. WORBLI was looking forward to reaching out to the most promising blockchain networks such as the EOS mainnet and soon Ethereum.

EOS Rapid concluded by elaborating on its simple mission. The blockchain firm clarified that it builds tools for developers who want to build blockchain applications to the average computer user. EOS Rapid opined that with cc.fo, non-technical users would eventually be able to experience all the decentralization and security benefits that blockchain fosters. EOS Rapid drew an analogy that their service was on par with titans like Google and Amazon.