Simon Kertonegoro, Social Media Director and Vice President of Marketing at Enjin announced in his blog on 04 March that the world’s most powerful blockchain game development platform would be rolled out on the largest game engine, Unity.

Simon introduced Unity as the world’s most popular game engine, having a customer base of over 4.5 million developers and boasts of 28 billion game installs on 3 billion devices. Simon proudly stated that Enjin would be launching the Testnet version of the Blockchain Software Development Kit (SDK) at world’s largest game industry event, the Game Developers Conference (GDC).

Simon conveyed that – 

“On the 14th of March, we will launch the Blockchain SDK to the Unity Asset Store—putting Enjin’s powerful blockchain game development tools into the hands of millions of Unity developers.”

Simon emphatically expressed that the Blockchain SDK has been a labor of love, developed by a team of experienced developers who have worked for popular game titles like BioWare, Activision, IO Interactive, and EA.

For game developers, the Blockchain SDK will enable creating a multiverse, joining a multiverse, galvanize communities and reach new audiences. It would also help create proven scarcity and crowdfund the project.

Simon clarified that the Blockchain SDK has been built for the benefit of developers and gamers alike. He explained on the applicability as to help game studios meet high-level achievements for monetization, valuation, virality, and retention. He also emphasized its importance to rapidly advance true item ownership and to fuel new game experiences.

World's most popular game engine Unity will reach greater heights with the backing of blockchain.

Simon commented on the technicality that the Blockchain SDK will enable game and app developers to create plus integrate the next-gen ERC-1155 blockchain assets into their games and manage their distribution with ease. Simon shared the information that ERC-1155 helps in a faster transaction and the ability to mass produce tokens with minimal effort.

Simon quoted that till date, more than 45 games, apps, and websites have adopted ERC-1155, enabling users to utilize their virtual item inventory across multiple games and platforms. He also shared that later this month, full support for ERC-1155 tokens will be coming to the world’s fastest Ethereum explorer, EnjinX.

Simon concluded in his blog that with the latest features on EnjinX, users would be able to search, browse, and verify ERC-1155 assets and transactions with ease. This would foster the support needed for the widespread adoption of this powerful class of Ethereum assets.