Most Amazing Discord themes You Must Know In 2021

Whatever the case, the theme should not be overlooked. Whether it is in the art of storytelling or Discord, you have already heard how to change themes in google chrome, but are you wondering about changing Discord themes?

Although it’s not that simple, my research has found ways to customize unique Discord themes instead of just light and dark. This guide is here to evince the few methods that work. Read on!


What is Discord?  Why Do You Need Different Themes?

Discord is a chatting platform created for gamers, but now the usage has expanded to all sorts of communities. Since its launch in 2015, it has been divided into many servers to accommodate communities from all over the internet.  

Discord themes

It is available for Mac, Android, PC, and iPhone. From writers to K-Pop artists, everyone loves to talk through Discord. Recently, my friend was wondering whether he could change Discord themes as it was boring to have the same theme.

This made me go into a spiral of research on finding whether it is plausible. If you see the support page on Discord, you’ll find that there is only an option to change between the dark side or light side. You can click on the desired appearance you want with a couple of changes in the platform. 


How to Get Custom Discord Themes? Is it Easy?

We get it! Looking at the same light theme is boring, and it is starting to look hideous. If you are tired of the same interface, then it is time for a change. But before that, you need to explore different options to consider which suits the platform the most. 

better Discord themes

The default settings are only limited to dark and light themes as background. The following guide outlines how you can get your hands on the Discord background theme. It applies to all your devices, whether it is iPhone and Android. 

To get a custom theme, you need to select a Discord theme maker. Here are the steps to follow: 

Step 1

  • Select a theme from the templates from the site
  • Browse through the different temples and choose the one you like.
  • It will open the theme generator.

Step 2

  • To add graphics, go to the right side and begin the customization by selecting the desired background graphic.
  • Choose the frame color you like

Step 3

  • You can add text to the custom theme. 
  • You can change the font as well as font color to make it garner attention.
  • Adding a logo or other text is also possible.

Step 4

  • Resizing the text in desired is also allowed to add as you need
  • If you don’t like where you positioned the text or logo, you can click the resort button to return the old way.

Step 5

If you are happy with the final results, click the download button located on the top page. You can either pay a fee to sign up for a monthly subscription that offers unlimited downloads.

11 Best Discord Themes You Must Know

Take a look at this list of Discord themes to use in your device:

betterDiscord themes

1. The Basic Background Theme

This is one of the trendy Discord themes, which has over 78 thousand downloads. With the theme in your library, your client will feel welcomed in the spiral of this compelling theme. It gives the option to change the opacity of the theme with an accent color as well.

Discord theme


2. Neon Discord Theme Idea

The neon theme brings magic to your server background and shows creativity. The excellent theme can be customized to perfection, and it is straightforward to use on the Discord theme generator.

3. The Black Home Theme

The black hole theme is one of the top-rated themes on Discord leading to over 35 thousand downloads. It is the right choice to download if you like a dark theme that is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. 

Discord themes

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4. Neon Portal

Neon Portal is another theme idea that you can easily customize. You can make changes like icons, color schemes, and text with the right neon background to bring something of your own.

better Discord themes


5. The Great Mountain Site

This gorgeous theme is filled with colors, and the object’s opacity makes it even more impressive. It has a view of the beautiful moon in the middle. The theme is by DevilsLynAvenged. Till now, there are over 15 thousand downloads, and people love the way it looks.

Discord themes

6. ClearVision Theme

This is considered an excellent Discord theme that looks pleasing to the eyes. With blue accents, the overall look gives a futuristic look, and you can expect a fantastic feel in your devices while chatting.

Discord themes


7. Video Game Battlefield

As you are a gamer already, you will like the graphic skulls on the screen every day. Use this background to impress your friends.
Discord themes


8. Portal Like Background

This neon-themed beauty will refresh your mind whenever you look at the screen. Its rounded version allows you to focus on what’s happening, and the size is ideal. Overall, you can proudly show off to your friends this Discord theme as a whole new dimension.

Discord themes

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9. The Midnight UI

This variant is available as the Better Discord theme and gives a distinct look than traditional Discord. The theme is incredibly customizable and has over 20 thousand downloads. Although it is very simple, you can try and then decide whether you like it or not.

10.The Server Columns Theme

This better Discord theme has a great appearance. Unlike other themes, the design is unique and straightforward. You can even change the number of columns by editing the .css file.

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11. ClearVision Theme

ClearVision Theme is exceptional for its aesthetics and is considered one of the best Discord themes out there. Some feel it is not for everyone but I loved the futuristic feel.

Discord themes


How to Install a Discord Theme? Is It Safe?

Here are the measures you must follow to install a Discord theme other than Dark and light themes in your device.

  1. First, install Better Discord
  2. Join its server
  3. Move to the section #theme-repo and choose the one you would like to download
  4. Now, open your Discord → Settings→ Better Discord → Themes and open the folder.
  5. Take the .theme.CSS file, which you download into the folder and slide it.
  6. Go to Discord again and press CTRL+R to reload
  7. Settings→ BetterDiscord→ Themes to enable them. Tada, you’re done!


Are Discord Themes Allowed?

Discord themes

Although Better Discord themes are a great extension which many people use, it is not allowed. According to the rules, it violates the Discord terms of service. Hence it can lead to security issues. 

As Discord is trying to keep the platform completely safe, using Better Discord might not align with their policies. This is because client modifications are not monitored, and it is highly likely a malicious code can enter the platform.

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Can You Get Banned For Using BetterDiscord?

Since Better Discord is a third-party plugin, Discord does not encourage people to use them. But many people had Twitter fights regarding this issue, saying it is the users who use other sites. But anyway, in the end, it is their platform we are talking about. 

Last year, Discord banned 5.2 million accounts, according to its reports. But I found no report suggesting people getting banned because of using Better Discord. However, it did remove accounts that violated their policies.


How  To Change Discord’s Appearance/Theme?

Discord themes

I know you guys want to change the theme overall. But if you don’t want to risk getting banned from the platform, it is better to change its appearance than the Discord theme. 

When I first discovered this feature, I had a hard time choosing between the two (Dark and Light). 

Here are the steps to change the Discord’s appearance depending on your mood.

  1. Click on the settings and go to the “Appearance” tab.
  2. Scroll down, and you can see the settings for the theme in a check box. “Dark and Light” 
  3. Choose the required theme below that you can find the settings for a cozy, beautiful modern version. You can choose one of them too.

Dark and Cozy setting looks like this

better Discord themes

Light and fit look like this

better Discord themes

What Do People Think About Discord Themes? According to People’s Review and Opinion

Take a look at these screenshots to know more about what people think about amazing Discord Themes!

better Discord themes

The Bottom Line

Although getting different themes from better Discord is simple, it is still against the Discord team’s rules. Additionally, adding a Better Discord theme might open up security holes, and it may leak your credentials to others. 

Therefore, make sure to download from the right sources to get them on board, and everything will be fine. To sum up, users are looking for ways to spice up the Discord platforms, and these colorful themes fulfil those wishes. You can also let your imagination take over in creating customized Discord themes.



1. Is BetterDiscord safe?

Yes, Better Discord is relatively safe, provided you download it with safety measures. There is always a time where third-party sites could infect your PC with malware.

2. Can Kids use Discord?

No, Discord is not aimed at kids for usage.

3. Can you get hacked on Discord?

Since Discord is a chat application, you can share data while communicating with others; Hackers can spread malware through Discord quickly.

4. Can Discord admins see your IP?

Server admins cannot see your IP address.


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