DENSO collaborates with MOBI to scale mobility

DENSO, the world’s second-largest mobility supplier, has joined MOBI, which is a global consortium of businesses dedicated to innovating mobility services through blockchain technology. This development was reported on 12 August.

DENSO commenced by informing that by collaborating with MOBI, it joins other automotive and technology leaders who aim to leverage blockchain. Decentralized technologies would be effectively used to create mobility ecosystems that are more secure and foster a more efficient exchange of data. Such services would also strengthen shared mobility services.

Roger Berg, vice president of North America Research and Development at DENSO said – 

“Blockchain is becoming increasingly important to the future of mobility. With the ever-important need for more collaboration across the industry, CMDM’s research in areas like data transfer, validation and micropayments will help us create standards and policies promoting safety and security for drivers and connected vehicles. We’re excited to join such a distinguished and innovative group and look forward to seeing where blockchain takes us in the future.”

DENSO sustained by adding that in the consortium, DENSO will help lead the Connected Mobility and Data Marketplace (CMDM) Working Group. The mobility giant further added that the working group would focus on building standards and policies. Such a framework would be for the application of blockchain in automotive-related settings. DENSO summarized that Roger Berg would serve as vice-chair for CMDM. 


DENSO noted that it was evaluating how blockchain could be leveraged to help transportation stakeholders collaborate more securely. The mobility firm maintained that this would offer large returns in many areas of mobility. Such gains include improved fleet management to optimized carshare services. DENSO clarified that its research with MOBI also supported its long-term policy, a strategic roadmap that guides the company.

Canadian Pacific (CP) announced that it was supporting Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) mission of producing blockchain standards. CP informed that the standards would allow for interoperability between participants in the global supply chain. CP added that the blockchain is an open, extensible platform capable of sharing shipping events, messages and documents.

DENSO wrapped up conveying that MOBI is a nonprofit smart mobility consortium that works with future-focused companies. The mobility giant added that MOBI also works with governments and NGOs to make mobility services more efficient, affordable, greener while also being much safer. DENSO expressed that MOBI endeavored to achieve its goals by promoting standards while accelerating the adoption of blockchain, distributed ledger, and related technologies in the mobility industry.