DAO.Casino does a rebranding to scale

The DAO.Casino Blockchain development team has announced to implement a rebranding strategy for better positioning of the blockchain product. This news emerged on 09 September.

DAO.Casino initiated by informing that it is a blockchain infrastructure provider for gambling and other games. The game enabler firm added that its infrastructure ensures high transaction speeds and unprecedented levels of unpredictability. Such features would be enabled using its unique random number generator. DAO.Casino summarized that it was enacting the rebranding to have a better strategy before target market audiences.

DAO.Casino further commented on its action plan as – 

“The blockchain market is a competitive environment, in which DAO.Casino has a number of competitive advantages, such as high transaction speeds, the availability of a working product, and the upcoming launch of the Mainnet. As such, having a corresponding brand name that would field the product before potential users and present it in the media in the proper light is a crucial element of the company’s marketing strategy.”

DAO.Casino sustained by adding that the development team had reviewed the marketing strategy. The firm stated that after much consideration, they had come to the decision that the current name of the brand does not correspond to the media image. DAO.Casino emphasized that there was a need to ensure maximum coverage and to avoid ambiguity or wrong associations. The name should not be tightly tied to the gambling industry.


DAO.Casino maintained that they surveyed their community opinions on the subject of the name change. The firm, in a nutshell, added that they chose a name that we think will best suit the image of the company as a blockchain infrastructure provider. DAO.Casino finally added that DAOBet has been chosen as the final name to ensure ideal product positioning.

Alex Shore, Owner, and CTO, BitBoss Corporation announced that it was now receiving and sending tokens on top of the BitcoinSV blockchain, in a bid to foster BSV community. Alex maintained by adding that BitBoss is a blockchain-based online gaming platform. He emphasized that the firm is working towards expanding the real-time casino and sports betting industry. Alex opined that while blockchain-based gaming and gambling were all set to dominate the online future, the integration is an important one. 

DAO.Casino wrapped up informing that the development team was confident that having an easily recognizable name is an important aspect of product placement. The firm opined that the new brand name would allow the company to avoid any associations with the gambling industry.