Daneel, NEM Foundation join forces, up crypto market

Daneel and NEM Foundation announced a partnership that marks usage to many users through the Daneel widget. This news emerged on 07 October.

Daneel conveyed that almost three hundred thousand users would be able to leverage the integration of the widget into the NEM ecosystem. The crypto market data analysis firm further added that through this partnership, users would also be able to make use of the Daneel pro version. The users can facilitate a portal where all the features of Daneel would be presented.

Alexandra Tinsman, President of the NEM Foundation expressed – 

“NEM is designed to be a powerful plug-and-play enterprise platform, and our partnership with Daneel will enable the secure delivery of important data to their growing customer base at speed and scale. We truly believe in the ethos of this project, and are thrilled to be on board for this exciting next chapter of growth.”

Daneel shared insight on the industry engagements of the NEM Foundation by noting that its goal was to evangelize its blockchain across industry verticals. The NEM Foundation was floated in Singapore and has expertise in several domains. Daneel maintained by adding that NEM Foundation’s solution was widely used by enterprises to achieve a host of productivity gains. NEM Foundation achieves its purpose through dedicated support and knowledge transfer.

Daneel, NEM Foundation join forces, up crypto market

Daneel clarified the rationale of the embrace quoting that the two firms have joined forces for better outreach. The crypto analytics firm sustained by adding that NEM Foundation would better be able to use the Daneel widget for several key crypto indicators. Such vital market indicators provided by Daneel include trends, sentiments, price predictions, and dynamic data.

Daneel summarized by adding that the new offer of the widget is due and would be available soon. In the meantime, Daneel clarified, the two firms would be working diligently on public relations, reaching out to a vast number of people. There would also be a marketing campaign.

BitMovio and Block72 announced a partnership aimed at global expansion. BitMovio looked forward to percolating more into Asian markets. The firm focuses on video offerings with a flavor of blockchain. Key personnel at Block72 expressed the enthusiasm for integrating BitMovio’s solution into their ecosystem. They also cited building a use case once the project executes.