All Time Best CricFree Alternatives (Stream Sports For Free)

Do you love sports? Do you regularly watch sports matches on TV? Do you get annoyed when your favorite sports match is not broadcasted on your sports channels? If so, you must consider watching sports matches live on CricFree. 

Before that, is watching sports matches over CricFree safe? Are there any alternative websites to CricFree? What do CricFree’s viewers have to say about CricFree? Kindly read on to find out. 


What is CricFree? How does it work?

CricFree is a website that hosts a lot of links that show various live sports matches happening across the world. 

To view any sports match live on CricFree, one has to visit CricFree’s website, then choose one’s sports category from the list of tabs at the left-hand side, then a list of links showing various live matches about that sports category will be displayed on the main screen. 

cricfree cricket

One can choose the link about one’s desired sports match and watch it online. It must be noted that CricFree itself does not host live sports matches. It hosts merely a list of website links through which one can watch various live sports matches. 

Through CricFree, one can watch live sports matches pertaining to the following sports categories. They are:

  • Golf
  • Cricket 
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Tennis 
  • Rugby
  • Formula 1 racing


Why do people use CricFree? Is it legal to use? 

Sometimes, some sports matches are not aired on sports channels in some parts of the world due to numerous reasons. The only way people in those countries can watch those unaired sports matches is via sports streaming websites like CricFree. 

CricFree is a registered and legal website. However, since it hosts many live links, it is difficult to determine if all of them are genuine. The other major drawback of CricFree is that its users experience a lot of pop up ads while watching live matches on CricFree. 

Having an anti-malware application running while watching live sports matches over CricFree is highly recommended.  


10 Best Cricfree alternatives you must know

cricfree alternatives

Like in any domain, there is competition for CricFree. There are a lot of CricFree alternatives. They are:


1. WiziWig

WiziWig streams sports matches shown on the world’s most popular sports channels. WiziWig shows live matches (hosts the links) in various sports categories like football, volleyball, baseball, handball, basketball, soccer, football, tennis, motor race, hockey, and rugby.

cricfree alternatives


2. Sport P2P

This sports streaming channel only hosts the links that show live football matches. If you’re a football fan, then this sports streaming website is for you. If not, you’ll only be disappointed in the end. Via the links hosted in Sport P2P, one can watch live league matches and championship matches.

cricfree cricket


3. SportStream

This website hosts links that enable a person to view live sports matches, and it also provides the latest news in any sports category. The best thing about SportStream is that geographical boundaries do not restrict it. 

cricfree alternatives

In other words, it is available in any country. So, if your desired sports match is not airing in your country, SportStream is the go-to website. It hosts live sports matches (links) in every sports domain, and it’s internationally available for free. It is a very convenient sports-streaming website. 


4. Stream2Watch

This website is unique. It hosts links that enable its users to view live sports matches as well as popular movie shows. So, this is an entertainment cum sports streaming website.

Via this website, people can watch live snooker matches, football matches, premier league matches, hockey matches, and golf matches. So, sports lovers are spoilt for choice. 

cricfree sports


5. OffsideStreams

This website is quite different from the ones mentioned above. This website offers a subscription-based service where you have to pay 14 pounds every month to access a plethora of TV channels. 

cricfree cricket

This website offers live streaming from sports, entertainment, and education channels. So, it’s meant for all types of people. This app can be downloaded on all mobile devices, irrespective of their OS because it’s suitable for all mobile OSs. 

This website also has an XMBC extension. If that is downloaded and enabled, people can watch streamed live matches on their TV. It must be noted that this is possible only if one’s TV has a setup box. XMBC extension will not work on analog TVs.

6. Atdhe

This website provides exceptionally High Definition (HD) video streams. People can watch live sports matches with great clarity. This website is also globally available. So, if your desired sports match is not being aired in your country, Atdhe is the go-to website to watch those live matches.

cricfree alternatives

The website is continuously updated and has many features worth noting. But customers have complained about the interface but when it provides live streaming of favourite sport there are no disadvantages.

The website does not provide direct streaming rather links of third party streaming platforms to stream live sports. This platform is compatible with the streaming of baseball, Moto GP, ESPN sports, US football, racing, tennis, rugby, and vicarious others.

7. Sport365

Like Atdhe, this is also a globally available sports streaming website. Via this website, people can watch live matches in sports like Football, Cricket, Baseball, WWE, Hockey, Moto GP, and Tennis.

cricfree cricket

One need not register on Sport365 to view its live streams. One needs to visit it, select the sports category, and select one’s desired match from the list of links displayed on the main screen. It’s also absolutely free. What more could one ask for?

8. NewSoccer

As the name suggests, NewSoccer only streams live football matches. It does not stream live matches in other sports categories. It is the ideal streaming site for football fans. One can also check the schedules of future (near) football matches on the NewSoccer website. 

cricfree cricket

9. LiveTV

This website is a free live streaming website. One only needs to create an account on this website to watch live sports matches. This website hosts live games (links) in sports categories like cricket, football, rugby, tennis, golf, formula one racing, boxing, and badminton. 

LiveTV is 100% free and the other services are free of charge. If you don’t like the service, deleting the account is very easy by logging in to the account. To watch the sports seamlessly, an internet connection of 1024 kbps which is 1 megabit for all broadcasts.

cricfree alternatives

10. fuboTV

Like OffsideStreams, fuboTV also has the XBMC extension that enables people to watch streamed live matches on their TV sets. This website also streams news and entertainment channels along with popular sports channels. 

It is a globally available website, which makes it convenient to use. One can also play Miniclip games on this website.  With a huge number of channels available and it supports up to 1080p. 

cricfree alternatives

fuboTV also offers Viacom owned networks like Comedy Central, MTV, and Nickelodeon. It allows users to record the favorite matches and delete recording if deemed unnecessary. Not only that, Fubo offers limited events to be watched in 4k but this content is not available to be recorded. 

Are all CricFree alternatives free to use, or should I pay to watch anything?

cricfree sports

Most of the live-streaming websites for sports are free to use. Only a couple of sports streaming sites employ a paid subscription model. They are SportStream (subscription fee of 14 pounds per month) and Sport365 (subscription fee of 7 pounds per month). 


What kind of security system do these websites have? Is it safe to use? 

cricfree cricket

CricFree is a secure and legal website. There are no malicious links on CricFree. However, its users say that this website prompts ad blockers’ disabling if employed and that they get bombarded with ads while watching live content on this website. 

CricFree’s users also state that the video quality of this website is not good. Some users have even experienced pixelation while watching sports matches over CricFree. So, CricFree might be safe and free, but its services are not of good quality. 


The Bottom Line

Watching live sports matches over the internet for free in any country is convenient for anybody, and CricFree provides that facility. Still, unfortunately, its services are not of good quality.

CricFree’s users experience pop up ads and pixelation while watching live sports matches over CricFree, which is a significant nuisance. So I would personally recommend watching live sports matches over CricFree’s competitor’s websites. Overall, the sites are good for passing and saving your precious time. Make sure to leverage it correctly.



1. Is CricFree free to use?

Yes, CricFree is a globally available, free sports streaming website. It hosts links via which people can watch live sports matches.

2. When was the Live Streaming technology founded?

Live Streaming technology was founded in the late 1990s and was revolutionized by companies such as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Pandora, and Hulu. Now, most of the Livestreams are in High Definition (HD). 

3. Which is the best football streaming website?

NewSoccer, WatchESPN, and HotStar are the best football streaming websites. 

4. Which was the first live streaming service to be founded?

Amazon video was the first live streaming website cum app to be founded in 2006.


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