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ConsenSys, the leader in the blockchain education, has yet again made an education-related move.  ConsenSys, the blockchain startup has now collaborated with the online education platform ‘Coursera,’ and is all set to provide with a blockchain specific technology course.

The program is titled “Blockchain: Foundation and Use Case,” a course that will explain the foundational ideas of blockchain in a rather non-technical manner. The course does not require students to have a technological background and has priority towards the non-technical group.

The course will cost $99, offering courses that span for 10 hours over a period of five weeks. Also, offering certificates from both Coursera and ConsenSys academy after the completion of the course. The course mainly focuses on providing students with the introduction to the technology and expand their skills in how the blockchain is evolving and changing in specific industries.

The course is offered to students online helping them participate from anywhere and at any time. ConsenSys also said that the students that are interested in making a career in the blockchain could apply for a ConsenSys Academy’s Developer Program.

On September 6, the Linux Foundation launched a new advanced training course for HyperLedger Blockchain Technology. The course will enable students to engage with the fundamentals of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies(DLTs). They also offer the key components that showcase the decentralized Hyperledger Fabric applications.

ConsenSys collaborates with Coursera to launch a Blockchain Course

Earlier, Tezos foundation announced that it would be supporting financially for research institutions for blockchain technology and smart contracts development at universities in the U.S., Portugal, and France. The blockchain is closely associated with bitcoin, which comes with the ability to create a tamper-proof record without a central authority. With the likes of Bitcoin and altcoins, businesses including Microsoft and IBM, are trying their hands on them. The prominent features that impress these huge businesses are the financial clearing and the identity verification.

Here is a statement that Coursera VP of Enterprise had to say about the course:

 We’re seeing growing interest among our learners, both from those seeking a career in the blockchain, to also those who want to gain foundational knowledge of the technology as it applies to their industry—it’s the reason why these topics have broken into the top 10 of Coursera’s most popular courses,

Blockchain education is also on the rise in the traditional classrooms. With the recent survey showing 42% of the world’s 50 top-ranked universities are offering courses on the subject. The primary objective of ConsenSys behind this course is to help people develop business decisions on their own and to help them understand about the use of blockchain technology, also to let them know why and when blockchains can be useful.

In August, countries like Malta, South Korea, and Turkey, announced educational courses in blockchain and DLT, to help the students learn about the industry.