CoinGeek woos blockchain summit to Asia

Blockchain event CoinGeek is coming to Seoul for a two-day happening at a noted property in the heart of Seoul’s affluent Gangnam District. This news surfaced on 31 July.

CoinGeek conveyed that the event would feature discussions on the power of blockchain scaling. There would also be an emphasis on what enterprise applications could be built on a massively scaled Bitcoin blockchain. The other salient points of highlight would be the advantages of a public blockchain over private distributed ledgers, and how government regulation is impacting the domain.

CoinGeek conveyed on the agenda as – 

“To kick off this two-day event, October 1 will feature technical topics about how BSV’s massively-scaled blockchain unlocks technical capabilities and applications not possible on other platforms. On October 2, experts in the industry will showcase how the BSV blockchain can drastically improve the way enterprises do business and create a new digital economy. Attendees will also witness presentations from the three finalists of Bitcoin Association’s 2nd Hackathon.”

CoinGeek threw light on the diversity of professionals expected to assemble at the venue. Personnel from leading blockchain start-ups, global enterprises, crypto mining groups, investors, and others were expected to come to learn about exciting developments for Bitcoin SV (BSV). Such an audience would also be benefited to learn about the advantages of massive blockchain scaling for miners, application developers, and enterprises.  

the coingreek event will feature discussions on applications that can be built on a massively scaled bitcoin blockchain

CoinGeek added on the panel of notable speakers include host Bitcoin Association President Jimmy Nguyen, nChain Chief Technology Officer Steve Shadders with many more to come. CoinGeek clarified that the Seoul conference is the latest installment of CoinGeek’s main events. CoinGeek emphasized that following the Toronto, London and Hong Kong events, it was leading the way to adopt Bitcoin SV (BSV).

In May, there were reports by CoinGeek about the mathematical reality of future bitcoin mining. CoinGeek informed that block reward halvings would occur about every 4 years. The event platform shared insight that since the Bitcoin chain has abandoned on-chain scaling, miners would never earn large amounts of transaction fees from a block.

CoinGeek summarized by adding that although the CoinGeek conference is focused on Bitcoin SV, it welcomes speakers and attendees who work with other blockchain projects. CoinGeek stressed that with broad objectives to educate on the importance of massive scaling, the event would feature world-class Bitcoin and blockchain experts as speakers.