Coinbase Wallet ups the ante with Bitcoin Cash support

Siddharth Coelho-Prabhu, Product Lead at Coinbase, made the announcement in his blog on 20 February, about Coinbase’s decision to support Bitcoin Cash (BCH) directly in its Wallet.

Siddharth emphasized that the goal of Coinbase Wallet was to create a leading platform for the user-custodied crypto wallet. It noted that Coinbase Wallet already extends support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and over 100,000 different ERC20 tokens and ERC721 collectibles built on Ethereum. The latest addition of Bitcoin Cash is another significant step.

Siddharth clarified that on the side of rolling out, the new Wallet update with Bitcoin Cash support will be available to all iOS and Android users over the next few weeks. BCH support is activated by default all that needs to be done is tap ‘Receive’ on the main wallet tab, select Bitcoin Cash to receive BCH to your Coinbase Wallet.

From the angle of technicality, Coinbase Wallet extends support for both newer CashAddr address formats, as well as Legacy addresses for backward compatibility in all applications.

A sure sign of progress with reputed wallets extending support for diverse cryptos.

Siddharth cited from the view of superior security:

“As always, your private keys are encrypted on your phone using Secure Enclave technology, to bring you best-in-class security. This specialized hardware is considered the most secure way to safeguard private data on mobile devices.”

As a privilege to software personnel, Wallet also supports the Bitcoin Cash Testnet to help developers and power users. The engineers can switch to the testnet from the Advanced Settings section of the Settings tab. Coinbase envisioned its plan to add support for the JSON Payment Protocol in the future.

Siddharth reiterated that can help you buy crypto and Coinbase Wallet can store it along with your private keys. Right from the time of inception of digital coins, there has been steady buildup by wallet providers to provide support for more cryptocurrencies.

Siddharth concluded on a tutoring note informing users that if they have ever used the primary Coinbase app or, they should surely check out Coinbase Wallet. The Coinbase Wallet app is Coinbase’s user-controlled cryptocurrency wallet.