Coinbase report reveals blockchain in education

The rising awareness of cryptocurrencies has driven universities around the world to offer a number of blockchain and cryptocurrency courses. This news reported by Coinbase emerged on 28 August.

Coinbase summarized the report with salient highlights. The firm added that 56% of the top universities offer at least one course on crypto or blockchain, rising from 42%. Another encouraging number was that twice as many students reported having taken a crypto or blockchain course. A surprising revelation was that nearly 70% of crypto and blockchain classes were in departments outside the core areas.

Nina Willdorf, Director of Content and Editorial for Coinbase expressed – 

“The increasing interest in studying crypto at colleges and universities speaks volumes about the future of money. What’s most exciting about these findings is that they show interest far beyond computer science and programming to law, economics, finance, and social sciences. As students from a wider and wider cross-section of majors express interest in learning about the burgeoning field of cryptocurrency, some of the world’s best universities are exploring how they can meet surging demand to sate curiosity about the technology and set their graduates up for success.”

Coinbase noted that Cornell University tops the Coinbase report in crypto education list.  Coinbase opined that computer science classes still are the most common classes offered, but finance, business, and economics classes were gaining pace. Coinbase shared insight that its original research included a survey of 735 US students, a comprehensive review of courses at 50 international universities and analysis of research citations.


PeerNova announced that it would participate in the Chamber of Digital Commerce’s Congressional Blockchain Education Day. PeerNova added that the first and largest blockchain supporting organization would host its third Congressional Blockchain Education Day on Capitol Hill. PeerNova clarified that this year the Chamber of Digital Commerce expects more than 120 Chamber members to participate in the upcoming event.

Coinbase wrapped up informing that classes would only convey a part of the university’s commitment to the field. The exchange firm clarified that due to this, analysis on non-coursework offerings like official research initiatives or student-run crypto clubs were important. Coinbase also tracked blockchain-related research citations from all 50 schools, using data from Google Scholar reports.