Coinbase Pro mobile app to mesmerize traders

Coinbase announced on 10 October the launch of the Coinbase Pro mobile app, a mobile-based trading platform.

Linda Xie, Product Manager at Coinbase Pro commenced by noting that unlike capital markets, crypto markets function round the clock. In order to facilitate this requirement, Linda expressed the development of the mobile app. Linda further added that the app would help traders make full use of the trading market at any hour of the day. Linda noted that the app was built for swiftness and seamless operation.

Linda went on to express more on the mobile app citing – 

“Since the launch of Coinbase Pro on desktop, few features have been requested more than a mobile trading experience. That’s because, until now, our customers have had to make a choice: usability or mobility. The Coinbase Pro mobile app changes this by offering the most intuitive feature set of any mobile crypto trading platform.”

Linda maintained that the app would enable traders to remain in the total authority of their workflows. She noted that the mobile app would feature the usability of desktop applications also. Linda went on to note the easy steps involved while using the app and the minimal effort involved. She provided a point of insight stating that traders could check prices, revise their profiles and execute a smooth trade.

Coinbase Pro mobile app to mesmerize traders

Linda sustained by adding on the details of the app noting the availability of the various visual features. She added about the features of graphs like depth charts, real-time candles, order books, and advanced order types. Linda also expressed on the feature provided with useful shortcuts. She clarified that orders executed on the mobile app possess the same fees as that of the desktop application. There would also be more than fifty trading pairs.

Coinbase provided news about the formation of a rating council in a bid to help relevant stakeholders trade digital assets. The exchange major maintained that this development was aimed to aid entities to comply with US federal laws. Coinbase went on to add the presence of other able-bodied in the loop which includes exchanges like Kraken. The exchange threw light on the requirement to categorize digital assets as either commodity, currency or security.