CoinAll’s Star Project mesmerizes the crypto market

Digital asset exchange, CoinAll provided news on 02 July that Katherine Deng, the general manager of CoinAll shared the latest plan of CoinAll Star Project.

CoinAll commenced by informing about its Star Project Pivot (PVT) token sale subscription. The digital asset exchange shared some staggering numbers quoting 3 billion PVT being sold out within a short period of time. CoinAll noted that over 30,000 users had participated in the token sale. In the same time frame, CoinAll’s 24-hour trading volume reached 1.487 billion U.S. dollars. CoinAll’s token Precium appreciated to a high percentage after launch.

CoinAll quoted on the Star Project as – 

“Designed to be a fair and transparent project showcase, the Star Project platform aims to provide blockchain entrepreneurs a one-stop project launch service, from project initiation to seed users acquisition, and connect investors with high-potential projects with reasonable valuations. Currently, Star Projects are divided into two categories, namely token sale projects and Star Project Lighting (direct open-market trading without token sale).”

CoinAll endeavored to distinguish Star Project from the traditional coin listing. Star Project sets itself apart for project teams and for users. For project teams, CoinAll would be in close communication with the project developers and for users, the exchange would conduct a more in-depth review. Katherine emphasized that as a result of the first Star Project sale, CoinAll’s global influence was rising.

In June, CoinAll announced the incorporation of Algorand (ALGO) digital coin into its offerings. CoinAll threw light on the trading pairs that would be eventually supported which include  ALGO/Bitcoin (BTC), ALGO/ETH (Ethereum), ALGO/USDT (USD Tether), and ALGO/USDK. CoinAll informed that the team behind Algorand includes Turing Award winner and other such peak performers. The digital asset exchange expressed that ALGO had been designed to overcome the hindrances associated with blockchain.

CoinAll highlighted on its growing reputation as a digital exchange. Within the span of a year, CoinAll garnered more than half a million users from more than 160 countries and regions. According to reputed market benchmarks, CoinAll’s trading volume quickly went on to occupy a place among the top ten.

CoinAll concluded by sharing some snippet about its history and industrial engagements. CoinAll deemed itself as an emerging exchange having launched in mid-2018. CoinAll noted that it was a deep partner with another reputed exchange OKEx. The exchange shared that through this partnership CoinAll shared world-leading security system, round the clock global customer support and over 20 million user base.