CoinAll showcases temtum, next-gen public blockchain

CoinAll, one of the fastest-growing crypto exchanges in the world, announced the debut launch of temtum (TEM), a next-generation public blockchain project on 18 July.

CoinAll added another offer that it would launch a trading contest. As a promotional incentive, users who successfully invite new users to join the contest could participate in a lottery to share 80% of the transaction fee income. CoinAll expressed that Project temtum was regarded as new-generation payment technology.

Katherine Deng, the General Manager of CoinAll quoted – 

“Project temtum is highly innovative with great potential, which entirely fits the standard for CoinAll. We are dedicated to discovering high-quality projects with reasonable prices and strong potential. This is what differentiate us from other exchanges. Many projects, which were first listed on CoinAll, have successfully launched on other top exchanges. We are very confident in temtum and our partnership.”

CoinAll further added on the technicalities by stating that operating on its own innovative and patented blockchain technology called Temporal, the temtum network goes beyond reputed financial products. CoinAll emphasized the productivity gain was by providing a highly capable cryptocurrency with quantum-secure network and low transaction fees. CoinAll shared the timelines of the attractive scaling trade contest.

Temtum goes beyond reputed financial financial products.

CoinAll sustained by informing more on the logistics of the trading contest. CoinAll highlighted that users who have passed know-your-client (KYC2) verification could enter the contest. The exchange noted that at the start of the contest, all users would have a 50,000 TEM buying limit.  Users are able to increase the limit by inviting new users. CoinAll indicated that the top 10 users with the highest buying volume would be rewarded with the bonus.

Recently, CoinAll provided news that Katherine Deng shared the latest plan of CoinAll Star Project. CoinAll commenced by informing about its Star Project Pivot (PVT) token sale subscription. The digital asset exchange shared some staggering numbers quoting 3 billion PVT being sold out within a short period of time. CoinAll noted that over 30,000 users had participated in the token sale.

CoinAll wrapped up by informing that a fee lottery would be held as well. Users would have a lottery chance by inviting a new user. CoinAll noted that all winning users would share 80% of the transaction fee income. As a rule, each user would be eligible to get 3 lottery chances. CoinAll reiterated that temtum is one of the most innovative public blockchain projects, proven to deliver up to 3,000 transactions per second (TPS). CoinAll asserted that they were dedicated to exploring projects with high quality and potential.