CoinAll lists Korean COSBALL crypto

CoinAll, a leading digital asset exchange, announced the launch of COSBALL (COSB), the latest Star Project Lightning project. This development was on 24 July.

CoinAll commenced by noting that it would open the COSB deposit and launch the trading pair COSB/USD. CoinAll further added that COSBALL is the world’s first personalized daily cosmetic product, developed by a reputed Korean skincare manufacturer. The exchange firm clarified that through skin detectors and analysis, COSBALL creates disposable skincare capsules. Such capsules have different effects and build a personalized skincare schedule. 

A representative of CoinAll cited – 

“We are very optimistic about COSBALL. With an excellent foundation off-line, the company still strives to innovate with blockchain technology and develop a complete O2O ecosystem. After COSB is listed on CoinAll, we will launch more exciting trading activities.”

CoinAll expressed some incentives by adding that customers could purchase COSBALL’s products at a discount of 20% off with COSB. Customers could also acquire COSB by uploading their skin data to the blockchain system at stores or through mobile devices. CoinAll suggested that COSBALL creatively applies blockchain technology to the beauty and skincare industry. COSBALL customizes high-quality and targeted skincare products for customers.

COSB holders would receive incentives by uploading their skin data and purchasing custom products.

CoinAll shifted focus by informing COSBALL’s founder Jang In-sang is the Director of the Korea Skin Aesthetics Association. The exchange stated the privilege as the youngest director of the Korea Cosmetic Industry Association. CoinAll added that he is the owner of 3DScostech, and 3DScoslab, both related to cosmetics research. CoinAll summarized that his companies supply medical products to more than 3,000 hospitals and beauty salons.

CoinAll, announced the debut launch of temtum (TEM), a next-generation public blockchain project. CoinAll expressed that Project temtum was regarded as new-generation payment technology. CoinAll added another offer that it would launch a trading contest. As a promotional incentive, users who successfully invite new users to join the contest could participate in a lottery to share 80% of the transaction fee income.

CoinAll wrapped up conveying COSBALL provided high-quality skincare experiences for customers at the lowest price. COSBALL achieves this by leveraging disposable and environmentally-friendly capsules. Such an approach reduces the cost of expensive packaging. COSBALL’s products are designed to be safe to the skin as no preservatives are added. CoinAll noted that due to sealed small packages, vitamin C is retained ensuring excellent effects on the skin. CoinAll expressed that as a means of payment, COSB also provides its users with discounts on purchases. To further incentivize, COSBALL noted to repurchase 1 million COSB annually.