CMC And Akamai Join Hands To Build Blockchain Trading Platform

American Cloud service provider Akamai and Vietnamese CMC Telecom are coming together for building a blockchain technology trading platform. CMC shared the news on May 2.

According to the press release, this initiative will provide system administration services to BCNEX. A technology startup in Vietnam, BCNEX provides support services to blockchain-based startups.

Transferring of contents rapidly and sustaining a user responsive system are crucial obligations for BCNEX, the report added. Bringing the best experience and benefits to customers by building a safety solution for data on BCNEX were paramount in selecting CMC telecom and Akamai for assimilating this project.

CEO of BCNEX Trading floor, Mr. Ngo Hoang Quyen believes blockchain is a similar trend to the Industrial Revolution. He stated at the signing ceremony –

“We believe the cooperation between BCNEX and Akamai and CMC Telecom will bring great experience to users. This cooperation will be a premise for the deployment of many other digital content services in the future.”

CMC telecom advised utilizing the system administration service of Akamai which is aligned to the operations of BCNEX blockchain technology trading floor. Such a measure was considered to rapidly relay content and reduce the load on the resources of BCNEX. Director of CMC Telecom’s Value-Added Business Center, Le Anh Vu revealed that CMC telecoms and Akamai have been in partnership since 2015 and that they intend to launch the service for BCNEX in early May 2019.

Le Anh Vu further added that by opting to use Akamai and CMC Telecom services, BCNEX would be benefited in numerous ways. Such gains include saving costs, resources, infrastructure for system installation, research and implementation of security solutions. It was made clear that the end users of BCNEX would have a seamless experience on the website. Users would be able to avail fast and safe speed on the portal.

In February, Akamai partnered with Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) to launch a blockchain-based system. Scheduled to launch by the first half of 2020, the project is titled “Global Open Network”, lets Akamai utilize MUFG’s presence in the payment business allowing the former to have an edge in the blockchain payments market.