Ciclo releases blockchain software for cannabis operators

Ciclo announced the release of its blockchain software, Chasqui, to provide integrated technology for all cannabis operators. This development was on 22 July.

Ciclo emphasized that Chasqui negates the need for multiple software systems and simplifies multiple stages of operation. Ciclo informed that they serve operations from cultivation to distribution, and intermediate. The firm upheld that during their operations they drive their core value of versatility to design custom pricing plan for each operator. Ciclo further added that scanners, scales, and printing labels were the hardware integrated into Chasqui. 

Oscar Aguilera, VP of Growth at Ciclo cited – 

“We pride ourselves on affordable pricing and customization for the hard-working operators. Our number one goal is to solve our customers’ challenges.”

Ciclo sustained by adding that it was the brainchild of co-founders Joseph Huayllasco, President and CEO, Oscar Aguilera and Tony Godinez, VP of Operations. Huayllasco and Glenn D’mello, VP of Engineering, functioned as engineers with a combined work experience spanning over 50 years. They worked across industries including multinational companies like Barclays Global Investors and Fortune 500’s JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Ciclo emphasized that Chasqui negates the need for multiple software systems and simplifies multiple stages of operation.

Ciclo clarified that Aguilera and Godinez were serial entrepreneurs who had completed tens of successful exits. The firm summarized that the talented team joined forces to launch Chasqui software to address the need for vertically integrated technology. Their bonding was specifically in a bid to serve the cannabis industry at large. Ciclo stressed that it was responding to the need of operators to introduce simplicity, reduce redundancies, and foster automation.

In June, a similar report where Cannabis distribution was rendered benefited by blockchain arose. Rafarma Pharmaceuticals Inc shared news about an agreement with Aetsoft LLC to leverage cannabis distribution using blockchain. Rafarma conveyed that Aetsoft is a leading developer of blockchain software. The pharmaceutical firm indicated that under the agreement, Aetsoft would provide cannabis control software to Rafarma. This software would be based on state-of-the-art blockchain technology.

Ciclo wrapped up by informing that it was an Oakland-born company innovating the commercialization of cannabis technology through their Chasqui software. Ciclo conveyed that to achieve their goals, they offered affordable integration to serve operators as a whole. They also endeavored to automate manual tasks. Ciclo highlighted that since their launch they had exceeded their growth expectations by a fair margin. Ciclo extended outreach to be contacted via email or through their website. The firm also informed about the Cannabis Business Summit and Expo, which provides an opportunity to meet the team.